• MLP: CCG Rock N Rave - All cards spoiled!

    With the new Rock N Rave 2-Player Starter available for pre-release at BronyCon it seems the cat is out of the bag... all the cards in the set are now known to the public and should be available in stores starting as soon as tomorrow! New players can pick this up and have two fully playable decks right out of the box.

    Veteran players will be happy to hear that grabbing a copy of Rock N Rave nets you playsets of SIXTEEN brand new cards, including four Mane Character cards that give your very first chance to use DJ Pon-3 or Maud Pie as your Mane! (There's even a new Princess Luna Mane Character card, for thou who mayest be interested.)

    Take a look below the break to see all the awesome pony goodness you'll find inside...

    Here are the four Mane Character cards you'll find inside, starring DJ and Maud along with some new offerings from Rarity and Princess Luna:

    Of course, no new set would be complete without a herd of new Friends to toss in your decks! Rock N Rave includes 3 of each of the following:

    Some of you expert deck builders out there might have been waiting for these Event cards to become available, helping to make some Pink/Purple and White/Orange decks more viable:

    Let's not forget about the new Troublemakers that will be on the prowl:

    And last but not least, here are some new Problem cards that just might fit your playstyle:

    As an added bonus, for those of you who missed your chance to get the fixed cards Lady Justice, Big Top, Vidala Swoon, or Cherry Jubilee, you'll also find those Friends inside Rock N Rave!