• Random Merch: Chutes and Ladders Found, Place Mat, Cups, and More!

    That Chutes and Ladders game announced a while back has popped up over at Walmart.  I wonder what other games we will ponyify by the time this ride ends?

    And below the break, more random merch! Get it below!

    MLP Place mat

    For the messy people in your house. Thanks to SpartaNinjaDrgn for sending it!

    Lockable Diary Set

    For all those secrets of yours. Found by Lucy at Claires


    Drunk Berry Punch is pretty much canon now.

    Found by Geewrecks in Quebec at HMV and Botique Imaginaire

    Sonata and Aria at Target

    For all you EG doll people out there

    Found at Target by Victor

    Pony Cups

    More cups! Just in case all your other cups don't work.

    Found at Marshalls by Julia

    Bag Cups!

    Gotta cup all the ponies. Or something. I have no idea what to write on these anymore.

    Found by Rei at Myrtle Beach, SC.

    Hair Kit

    I wonder how many of the dudes out there buy this stuff.

    Found at TJ Maxx by Julia

    Fold and Go Puzzle Set

    Found at Target by MLPon3