• Album Compilation - August

    Album time! Fallout Equestria had a huge one with a bunch of people teaming up, and quite a few others have released in the last few weeks.  Have a list:
    • Music from Club Mixers - Fallout Equestria: Project Horizons
    • In My Mind - Feather
    • Double Sided EP - BassCat
    • Apple Seed - Whitehorse
    • Equestria Overture - Macarou
    • Princess EP - EmkayMLP
    And get them all below!

    Music from Club Mixers
    Musician): Multiple
    Genre: Multiple

    Description: Somber, Aoshi, TrueBolt & Kitsune present:

    Fallout Equestria: Project Horizons
    Music from Club Mixers
    The original post apocalyptic Balloon Party style album.

    This album exists to help get the writer of Fallout Equestria: Project Horizons to Bronycon and other conventions. We feel given Blackjack's enduring presence in the fandom, the creator deserves to shine among those who appreciate his work.

    In this digital download you will find:
    A personal letter from Somber with an in depth look at the creative history of Project Horizons and his thank yous.
    A brief Q&A from fans and musicians.
    A short story called "One Less Deck to Shuffle" by Kitsune detailing the events that take place during this album.
    A full resolution copy of the original untouched cover artwork by McLaren Spyder which can be used to make preprints.

    Club Mixers is a club set in the Fallout Equestria: Project Horizons universe. The concept here is simple. We imagined ourselves as musicians in a post apocalyptic world with the sudden opportunity to play in front of an audience. You are that audience. Buy some glowsticks. Drink some Whiskey. Calibrate your PipBuck, Take off all your dirty stable clothes. Dance until you bump into things that you will break and we will have to spend hours fixing.

    Have fun- but just as a warning, it wouldn't be wise to wander too far from the safety of Club Mixers. The wasteland is a harsh, unforgiving place. You're in good care with Blackjack and ourselves. We promise.

    In My Mind
    Musician): Feather
    Genre: Alternative

    Description: Over my years discovering myself as an amateur singer, a songwriter and more recently, a producer, through the Brony Community, I've been putting together this EP. As time passed, it became an album, and now I have the pleasure of being able to share that with you. I hope you enjoy what little I have to give you from whats hiding in my mind.


    Apple Seed
    Musician: Whitehorse
    Genre: Experimental

    Description: Whitehorse, an MLP pastiche of the noise band Whitehouse, is a high-powered power electronics duo consisting of 3ternal and Supersaw Hoover. Our first album, Apple Seed, was created as a relatively accessible introduction to pony noise music and as a gateway into non-pony noise music.

    Special guest on last track is F3nning.

    Equestria Overture
    Musician: Macarou
    Genre: Instrumental, Ambient, Downtempo, Soundscape

    Description: A small album featuring my remastered, best of calm, ambient pony tracks from 2013 to now. All tracks are very easily listening and atmospheric. Makes good music for studying, reading, drawing or playing relaxing video games.

    "The album is set straight after Magic Duel and is about Trixie and a yellow unicorn going on an adventure across Equestria.

    "After Trixie leaves ponyville, she encounters a young, yellow musical unicorn who is travelling to find some new sounds and magic in his music. He is looking for a travelling companion to help him find some of these magical sounds all across across Equestria. Trixie is unsure at first, but feels that partaking in this would help her new, reformed image. She agrees to help him. The yellow unicorn is ecstatic and offers bits, food and for him to play music at her future magic shows in exchange for her help. Together, they begin their journey through the Everfree Forest".

    This is part 1 of the story, which ends with the two of them being in canterlot at midnight, where many more adventures await.

    Double Sided EP
    Musician: Bass Cat
    Genre: Electronic


    Princess EP
    Musician: EmkayMLP
    Genre: Experimental Electronic

    Description: Princess is a My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic inspired EP with each song representing one of the four royal princesses of Equestria.