• Fallout Equestria Resource Post - August Edition

    Fallout: Equestria is a big, expansive and inclusive universe that has spawned a whole plethora of side-stories,the newest and freshly updated editions of which are listed below.
    This post only features New or Updated stories from Sunday, July 13th, 2014 through Friday, August 8th, 2014 for a total of 69 stories (16 of which are new) and 145 new chapters -but fear not, should you be searching for old favourites, you can find them at:
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    • All the stories in this post completely skip the pre-readers.Quality levels vary, but that isn't really the point. Ponies really love Fallout: Equestria,and taking a part of the world for themselves to build a story around is just great fun.
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    [Dark][Crossover][Adventure][Alternate Universe]
    Author: Relentless
    Description: Just over two centuries ago, the climax of the Great War unleashed the terrible potential of pony kind, bringing forth the ruination of all. Balefire scorched the land of Equestria, and in one fiery instant the bones and hopes of a people mixed with ash and radiation of the newly created wasteland. A calmness swept the land.

    Yet it was not to last. In the sky, the shattered remnants of pegasi civilization survived by isolating their cities behind veils of clouds and blinding their people with lies about the surface world. Underground, thousands were spared the ravages of the apocalypse in shelters known as Stables. As the Stables opened and resources began to run short in the skies, ponies set out across the ruined land once again. And war, war followed in their wake.

    It did not take long for stories to abound of an area deep in the northern mountains, unscathed by the holocaust that consumed the world. Yet this land was not without scars of its own, dark secrets buried beneath the snow waiting to be unearthed. Remnants of a bygone age.
    Set in Kkat's wonderful world of Fallout: Equestria.
    Cover art by Pantzar
    One New Chapter: "Chapter 03: Savagery"

    Author: FireRain
    Description: Being in an underground Stable isn't easy. For the inhabitants of Stable Forty-Five, they would soon come to find that their newly found home in Stable forty five would turn out to be the biggest nightmare of their lives.
    Crimson Skies, her brother Star Streak and father, Peppermint have been living in there for a few years, and just as they find themselves getting used to the conditions they have to live in, horrifying events transpire within the Stable. At first it seems like nothing is wrong, but one night, some of the inhabitants appeared to have become insane! Maybe Stable Forty-Five wasn't really meant to preserve pony-kind, after all...
    Five New Chapters: "Introduction", "Prologue", "Chapter One: Stable Forty-Five", "Chapter Two:The Accident", "Chapter Three: First Signs"

    Author: TheChipMonkey
    Description: Chip. A stable dweller whose left the Stable 59 to seek his own adventure in the big world behind the Stable doors. Little did he know that this might be the biggest mistake in his life and that it might even be his last.

    Follow Chip into the Equestrian Wasteland and experience the secrets and horrors of the post apocalyptic pony world.

    "I don't know where I am and I do neither know who you are, but I'm sure as hell wont give up without trying"

    Chip=Main Character
    Jack= Chips Survival friend
    Alice= Jacks long lost childhood friend
    - More Characters Soon-
    One New Chapter: "Introduction"

    Author: Runalix
    Description: This is the story of a young pegasus who wants nothing but to explore the world beyond his home. After enlisting in the Equestrian Army, the pegasus finds himself and two others subject to what seems to be special training. The trio are subjected to an experimental process; one that promises to make them a few of Equestria's finest soldiers. What will await the trio as the tanks open again?

    This is the story of Nightwatch.
    One New Chapter: "Chapter 0 - Nightwatch"

    Author: DerpyistBrony
    Description: Cap and Remix two Orphaned brothers having no choice but to leave their stable and survive in the Equestrian wasteland having to overcome their fears and weaknesses in order to survive stable 27 story begins here
    One New Chapter: "Prologue"

    [Dark][Crossover][Alternate Universe]
    Author: UniversalBlue
    Description: Far to the southwest of the Equestrian Wasteland, there were a range of mountains surrounding the coastlines known as the SanFranNeigho Mountain Range.

    This story follows Shadow Song, a former Grand Pegasus Enclave scout and others as they ply their trade and try to make a living in the dangerous San Marecisco City and eventually uncover the mystery of the hidden Valley of Shadows.
    One New Chapter: 1

    [Romance][Dark][Comedy][Crossover][Adventure][Alternate Universe]
    Author: MeetSouder
    Description: My name is Midnight Wind, I grew up a single foal in the confines of Stable 17 with my mother, Starlit Night, and my father Renegade Wind.

    Stable 17 was built within the region of Transylvania in northwestern equestria, situated between the base of Smokey mountain and Vanhoover. The primary focus was to protect the native ponies who resided in the area. These ponies were commonly known as "Bat-Ponies" by the other races of Equestria, sporting fangs and leathery wings. Untouched by the horrors of balefire and holocaust, Transylvania still retained it's classical outlook of Equestria, albeit rundown from lack of maintenance, a vast village in with the construction plan according to how the rocky forested landscape allowed the fanged ponies to build. With it's economy driven mainly by the farming of it's residents, the town saw little to no action in the war, and was blissfully left out of the main attacks during the rain of balefire bombs that consumed Equestria.

    When a crazy madmare within the stable fought for control over the Overmare's position, my best friend, Scarlet Rose, and I were forced to flee, finding ourselves out in the open world of the Bat-Pony lands. With no supplies, nor knowledge of the wasteland before us, we found refuge in a settlement located at the base of the Stable's structure, what was now called Smoked Out Mountain.

    With the secrets tucked away within the forested overgrowth of Transylvania's lands slowly becoming ever present, Scarlet and I are tasked to not only protect the sovereignty of Transylvania, but also the existence of our dying race.

    Hugenormous thanks to Kkat for creating the world of Fallout Equestria!

    Also thanks for my awesome friends Snoo321 and AcidFlash97 for their kind words and dedication to helping me with my first-ever story.

    AcidFlash97: Editor and storyboard assistant, as well as the awesomesauce artist who helped modify Devinian's original art.
    Snoozy321: Pre-reader and plot line linearity assistant.
    Five New Chapters: "Prologue", "Chapter One: The Multicultural School for Fillies and Colts", "Chapter Two: A Whole New World", "Chapter Three: Into the Darkness", "Capter Four: A Renaissance Fair"

    [Romance][Tragedy][Dark][Crossover][Adventure][Alternate Universe]
    Author: unspokenpaper
    Description: War in the Equestrian Wasteland never changes... Or does it?
    This is the tale of Stand Bold, a respected member of the Enclave. Head of Research and Development at Type 40 Industries, and Captain of his Infantry Company, 4/118th, Charliehorse.
    Type 40, the company Stand Bold works for, is the primer targeting talisman producer for the Enclave. One day, a talisman malfunctions and starts targeting things it necessarily shouldn't have been. So who better to fix it than the inventor himself? Stand Bold reports to the vessel experiencing the glitch and begins work to fix the the blasted thing. But he discovers a plot that threatens the Enclave, the Wasteland, and countless lives across the globe. To further compound the problem, he can't remember a damn thing about any of it, and has been branded a Dashite! Can he find his lost memories in time to save the surviving world? Or will this evil plot plunge the wasteland into a millennium of darkness?
    Two New Chapters: "The Pony, the Bat, and the Robot", "On the Road to Friendship City"



    [Dark][Crossover][Alternate Universe]
    Author: Tutis75
    Description: One day, Littlepip discovers a pool that grants the user the ability to see across reality, revealing the lives and stories of ponies as they may have, could have, or should have lived their lives. She looks into it, seeing into the many facets of the Equestrian Wasteland.

    (A collection of short stories, prompts, and ideas based in the Fallout: Equestria universe started by Kkat. However, it will also include fan works of different FO:E stories, as well as original tales.)
    Eight New Chapters: "Prologue: Discovering the Infinite", "Everyone Can See It", "A Hellhound Wanting Love", "The Quiet Nights", "Patients", "Mischief", "Looking For Love in All the Wrong Places", "The Batpony"

    [Dark][Crossover][Adventure][Alternate Universe]
    Author: Slouping
    Description: Long time ago ... 200 years ago ... the Kingdom of Equestria and the Zebra empire were engaged in a terrible war for resources ... And this war sealed them ... both about the end of the Great War, but also in the lost of ethics in the name of a victory which was lost in advance by the two opponents ... In the four corners of the Equestrian wasteland, many horrors from the war remake surface ... but also some forgotten things which are not horrors of the Great War

    Red Sky, a young unicorn from Stable 13 met some of these things, and is driven in a journey which is going to change her, her vision of the world and her world ... Everything unless one thing: War !

    Because War ... War never changes ...

    PS: Excuse me if you see problems in grammar and vocabulary in the fic' , but I try my best ...
    Two New Chapters: "Prologue", "Chap 1"



    [Tragedy][Dark][Comedy][Crossover][Adventure][Alternate Universe]
    Author: Jusey1
    Description: A smart, young bat pony who lived in his own little shack, hidden down the other side of the Canterlot Mountain. Wise in his tech skills and ability to learn quickly, move swiftly, and having a fast agile body... However, what he did not know is he will pay for his crimes in an another manner, one not of jail time within the Canterlot dungeons, and in time he will face things which may put his skills, his life, and his well being to the test... For living in an area beyond that of the Canterlot Mountains is not a safe lifestyle, especially when it became known as The Beyond Wastelands.

    This story is base the universe developed by the fanfiction story known as Fallout: Equestra, which is by Kkat. I highly recommend reading that story first (if you hadn't) before continuing with this.
    Eleven New Chapters: "Prologue: The Introduction", "Chapter One: Wake Up Call", "Chapter Two: Slaver Patrol", "Chapter Three: Darkness of the Wastes", "Chapter Four: Buckstan", "Chapter Five: One-Way-Road", "Chapter Six: Swampditch", "Chapter Seven: Slaver Country", "Chapter Eight: Famine", "Chapter Nine: Sins of the Father", "Chapter Ten: War Never Changes"

    Author: comrade_brony
    Description: Doctor "Don't call me Tiny" Mercy, Medical Mare and recreational chem user, has lived a comfortable and charmed life inside Stable 11.  After an accident, she wakes to find her friends and family dead or worse, victims of a plot put into motion over 200 years ago.  Once fleeing her stable, will she bring justice to her friends and family?   Will she help to bring Harmony to the Wasteland?  Or will she bring about it's destruction?
    One New Chapter: "Chapter One: Into the Light"

    [Dark][Crossover][Adventure][Alternate Universe]
    Author: Solowing51
    Description: I was just a simple stallion. Living life day to day with family and loved ones. We lived a generally safe life given the situation of the world around us. That was before the entire world came tumbling down on top of us however. What started as just another simple day of living a seemingly normal life quickly turned into a literal hell on Equestria. Amidst the blazing inferno and smoking ruins of my old life however, rose a being that all would someday know to fear. Amongst the burnt remains rose the spirit of vengeance.
    Four New Chapters: "Prologue: The Nightmare", 1, 2, 3



    [Crossover][Adventure][Alternate Universe]
    Author: Dragonflame847
    Description: When Firewall wakes up in an abandoned facility, he soon realises something's wrong. When he steps outside to find a nuclear wasteland, he realises something is VERY wrong.

    Welcome to Skyward: an out-of-the-way city in the Equestrian Wasteland. After the apocalypse, a group of ponies built a settlement on its outskirts. Slowly, more ponies came, and the place expanded - up. Using metal found in huge underground deposits, the tower began to grow taller. Bordered on one side by a huge rainforest filled with dangerous creatures, Skyward is now largely ignored by much of Equestria. However, when Lab 2 is opened for the first time in centuries, ancient contingencies begin to come into play. Meanwhile, the Enclave decides Skyward's expansion has gone on for too long.
    Nine New Chapters: 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, "Act 1-2 Interlude", 10

    Author: Tutis75
    Description: The Equestrian Wasteland is a dangerous place, with monsters everywhere. Determined to turn the tide, a stallion vows to create the perfect hero. No matter how far he has to go to do it.

    (With thanks to Missie55 for doing a picture. Contains spoilers and some blood. http://mossie55.deviantart.com/art/Request-Cyborg-Transformation-428040309 Also thanks to ClickClack, Delta, Alycorn, and the rest of the ToaE team for edits and support)
    One New Chapter: "Spare Parts"



    Author: volrathxp
    Description: A comedian named Lame Joke goes on a mission to save his mother in the most comedic fashion ever. In doing so, he find out just how funny the Wasteland can be.

    This short story was originally published as part of "The ABCs of Fallout Equestria".
    One New Chapter: "Zing!"

    [Dark][Comedy][Crossover][Adventure][Alternate Universe]
    Author: Iridescence T Wind
    Description: Escaped from her stable. Aria Web, AKA Experiment 1993-13, must brave the Equestrian Wastelands in order to survive away from her previous life. But what awaits her in the Wastes when Almost everything is trying to get you killed? Well, she Guess's being a Changeling has its own rewards as well.

    Based on Fallout:Equestria. The untold story of the western side of the wasteland. Where mysterious dangers such as Aqua Lights, The Secrets of The Hole and other things await. Will a lonely Changeling mare survive? or Will the wasteland claim her life before it's due? At least we have good radio.
    One New Chapter: "Summer Smiles DLC 2: Psychos... Psychos Everywhere."

    A Heart Of Steel


    [Dark][Crossover][Alternate Universe]
    Author: FD Imaginations
    Description: Crossword is Steel Ranger in training. She's known nothing but the steel armour since she was born into the Far South Contingent. Being an initiate for her whole life, her dream like many others like her, is to don the uniform of the Steel Ranger's and bring order the Wastelands of the South. But little does she know that the honourable Steel Rangers of the Wasteland that she had learned about are only a fraction of the story. What will she discover, what will she become, will she follow her heart?

    Expect the same sort of level of gore in the original Fallout: Equestria story, but dulled down to teen level, if there is a demand for more detail, let me know in the comments

    Also go easy on the criticism, I really appreciate those who correct grammar and spelling, but don’t be too harsh, I'm open to suggestions always

    Story inspired by Kkat's popular story Fallout: Equestria. I recommend reading it first before reading the Prologue. It's long, but so worth it :)
    Two New Chapters: 2, 3

    Author: Defender9to5
    Description: When two brothers are branded dashites by the enclave they must learn how to survive in the equestrian wasteland and get their revenage.

    Big thanks to Titan2955 for the front cover
    One New Chapter: "Deep into raider territory"

    Author: Stonershy
    Description: Co-Authored by Pacce

    Two hundred years after Equestria has been ravaged by war, life goes on. Some ponies want to fight the good fight, and make the wasteland a better place. Other ponies want power and complete control over what remains of the world.

    And then, there are some that don't care about any of that, and just want to get rich and famous.

    This is their very bizarre story.

    Part loving parody, part genuine homage; a Fallout: Equestria side-story for people who didn't read Fallout: Equestria!

    We begin with a brilliant engineer and a capable assassin, mutual parasites putting their skills to use in the interest of amassing wealth and fame. It's business as usual until they receive the offer of a lifetime, and quickly end up with more than they bargained for...
    One New Chapter: 8

    Author: jony555jo
    Description: Lucky Atom es un joven unicornio que nació y creció dentro del Establo 25, el vivió una vida en constante acoso por parte de la pandilla de bravucones del establo, pero esto no impidió ser un joven responsable y llevar con eficiencia su trabajo como poni de mantenimiento del reactor de balefire, su vida cambiara gracias a un incidente que pondrá en peligro al establo.
    One New Chapter: 10



    [Dark][Crossover][Adventure][Slice of Life]
    Author: Noakwolf
    Description: Neo and Adam are brothers who care about family more than anything, and for them their lives are good. That is until they are mysteriously given an out of the blue assignment leaving Neo crippled, and to top it off their mother completely vanishes without any explanation. Determinded to find her, the two leave their calm life in Stable 142, only to face a war torn province with a mysterious past. It's up to them to find their mother amongst the chaos at any cost.
    *Cover art by Pantzar, go look at him if you get the time!*
    Proofread mainly by LyonAzakura and Wayofthepen.
    Also edited by, Thefullmetalbrony.
    Written by, Noakwolf.
    Kkat thanks for creating the world of Fallout: Equestria. As this story would not have even been conceived without the wonderful story you created for us.
    One New Chapter: 30

    Close Call


    [Dark][Crossover][Adventure][Alternate Universe]
    Author: ZIAT
    Description: All of his life, Close Call has only ever known the grey, steel walls of Stable 81. That is, until an alternate path is laid out for him: an enigmatic research expedition into the outside world to learn just what has happened to everypony else. What he\'ll find, he does not know. Civilization? Death? War? There is only one way to be certain, and Close Call may find there are more questions than answers in the Equestrian Wasteland.
    One New Chapter: 9



    Author: Abraxus
    Description: Whitefang has spent more of his life alone, isolating himself from others. But, this all changes when he meets a technologically adept Pony named ChipSet. The two of them share a strained relationship, but they're gonna need to get along in order to survive the perilous world they are trapped in.
    Three New Chapters: "The Old City, Part One", "The Old City, Part One", "The Old City, Part Three"

    Author: Newbiespud
    Description: Previously, in Dragon's Maw...

    A place for collecting short stories that occur on the fringes of Fallout is Dragons, a Fallout: Equestria tabletop campaign.
    One New Chapter: "Firelight's Story (Session 15)"

    [Comedy][Crossover][Adventure][Alternate Universe]
    Author: Starlight_Tinker
    Description: Compass, a happy maintenance technician and resident of Stable 52, uncovers an unbelievable secret hidden deep within the massive shelter that he calls home, and is forced to confront a mystery that has gone unsolved for over two hundred years:

    On that fateful day, when Equestria needed him the most, where was Doctor Whooves?
    One New Chapter: 13

    Author: David-Irastra
    One New Chapter: "Capitulo 21 Parte I Fillies Fatales"

    Last Call, The


    [Dark][Crossover][Alternate Universe]
    Author: sparkypchu
    Description: A call comes in for an Emergency Teleport outside of Cloudsdale. That's just a normal day for me as a Ministry of Peace unicorn. It's all going according to protocol until I get a message from my boss telling me I have to wait at the crash site for Sparkle-Cola to get their stupid property. Dearest Celestia, I'm bored...

    Author's Note:
    This story is a first-person story about a name-less stallion. The story assumes that you are already familiar with Fallout Equestria and the terms used. This has absolutely no influence of the main Fallout Equestria or any side story. It's just it's own little story. Enjoy.
    Two New Chapters: "After", "Epilogue"

    Author: Adder1
    Description: Frost Windchill is known to be a storyteller of sorts. Comfortable with telling the occasional sprite tale or legend, a child approaches him one day and asks for a real story.

    And so Frost tells one- the story of his life. It's not a typical story, and there's more to it- just as there's more to the descendant of a Lunar Guard. It's a story not just of himself but the heroes he stood beside- big and small, legendary and obscure. But there's something amiss, buried lies between the lines.

    After all, it's hard to kill memories when you remember everything.
    One New Chapter: "Reflection Twenty-Two: Event Horizon"



    [Romance][Sad][Dark][Comedy][Crossover][Alternate Universe]
    Author: TheBobulator
    Description: My name is Frosty Winds. I was just your typical, rank-and-file Enclave scout. I had an ordinary life, living in contentment among my loving family and good friends. Things were good.
    At least, I'm pretty sure that was the case; I honestly can't say for certain anymore. One moment, I was being recruited to take part in a routine Wasteland scouting mission, and the next moment I wake up as a prisoner of the Steel Rangers.
    On the bright side, I’m not missing much. Just all of my memories. And my left foreleg. Nothing important, really. Pile on a disease I’m not vaccinated against and being a few clouds short of a weather system probably doesn’t make any of this much better.
    As if that wasn't enough, apparently I made a deal before I lost my memories. If I don't complete my task I agreed to within a month, I'll die. Of course, it would be helpful if I could remember what the agreement was.
    So here I am, floundering aimlessly about the Equestrian Wasteland. I have absolutely no idea what happened, what I should do, or how to uncover the secrets that lie within my stolen memories.
    Help. I need an adult.
    One New Chapter: 19

    New Pegas


    Author: Roy Calbeck
    Story Mirror Sites:  deviantART,  Google Docs,  Furaffinity
    Description: Mr. Horse's pet courier has been murdered and his property stolen. And while the price on the killers' heads is good enough to get any bounty hunter's attention, it's the bonus for returning a silly little poker chip that draws Dead-Shot in.

    A pony could retire on that kind of jackpot...
    One New Chapter: 21

    [Dark][Comedy][Random][Crossover][Adventure][Alternate Universe]
    Author: thefurryrailfan
    Story Mirror Sites:  Furaffinity,  Furaffinity
    Description: From neighboring stables, a pair of unlikely friends find themselves thrust into a wide, frightening new world, ripe with dangers and exciting adventures in store for them. Between the new friends they'll make on this expedition, and the new challenges they'll face in the irradiated icebox the North Equestrian wasteland is, they have to decide for themselves just how much it was worth it to leave their homes.
    One New Chapter: "The Seige of Pripytrot"



    Author: Tofu
    Description: For the entirety of my military career I felt like I was stuck in a rut, but that all changed when I saw... Her. It's hard to believe that one little stable pony could blow my eyes wide open, but trying to help her caused the Enclave to show its true colors. So I did what anypony with half a brain would do. I turned my back on them and left. What I found when I got to the Wasteland wasn't at all what I expected. A pony I thought I'd killed years ago. A pony who wants me dead... along with the rest of the whole damn world.

    I'm Lieutenant Mach of Neighvarro 1st Recon. This is my story.
    Two New Chapters: 4, 5

    Project Human


    Author: RainbowMissile97
    Description: its been 200 years since the megaspells fell, many stable's got lucky but others didn't, some stables were built as experiments or held great secrets from the war. stable 97 is one of those. deep in the dark tunnels of the stable 97 lies a secret that no-pony has seen or heard from in 2 century's. it was known a legend during the war but now it is simply spoken as a mere myth, for what lies in the stable is a creature, the only one of it's kind, but when a trio of friends who are bored of stable life come across a mysteries room one day in the lower levels said secret will reawaken but with only the hell of the wastes to great it. how will it cope, how will he cope, how will he live with the loss of his friends and family as he has been gone for 2 century's and live in the equestrian wasteland, but.....he is like no-other of his kind......for he is.......project human.

    thanks to Silvetstien222 for being part of this. tags and characters will be added as it progresses
    One New Chapter: "Prologue Re-Write complete"

    [Tragedy][Sad][Dark][Crossover][Adventure][Alternate Universe]
    Author: TDR
    Description: When princess Luna's School was destroyed and all her students killed some things survived the attack. The very existence of these items could bring about another bloody war to the zebra lands that could spill over into the newly revived Equestrian wasteland.
    One New Chapter: "“Everything I do......”"

    Rising Dawn


    Author: Interloper
    Description: When the bombs fell, the North was not reborn in spellfire. It was reborn in darkness. 200 years ago, the Crystal Empire kept at bay the nightmares of the Frozen North. But when balefire scoured their lands, the floodgates parted and an inexplicable, aberrant darkness fell upon the Northern Wasteland.

    As the world above plunged into perpetual twilight, the ponies of Stable 91 slept peacefully beneath the snow. But their sheltered lives could never have lasted forever. Time could only tell when their systems would shutdown, or their water became impure … or … worse.

    In the Northern Wasteland, a broken water talisman is the least of anypony's problems - for outside those doors, only darkness awaits.
    One New Chapter: 9

    Rolling Bones


    [Tragedy][Dark][Crossover][Adventure][Alternate Universe]
    Author: Honey Mead
    Story Mirror Sites:  deviantART,  Google Docs
    Description: I didn't want this. I didn't want any of it. But every time... every Tartarus damned time...
    It all started back in Dise, where fortunes could be won, or lost, on a single the roll of the dice. I never wanted to leave. Dise wasn't for me though, and I had to leave her for some fool Hero to fix. No, my chains dragged me, kicking and screaming, far to the west. To the cities of Palomino, where demons dice for pony souls... too bad everything's coming up Sevens.
    One New Chapter: 4.2

    Sword Mare


    [Random][Crossover][Adventure][Alternate Universe]
    Author: ReifuTD
    Description: Throw your normal logic out the window as you enter into the high fantasy propaganda war time infused comic book world of Sword Mare. Inspired by Golden and Silver age comic books and based off of the comic book series found in the Fallout: Equestria universe.

    Captain Zero Endless is trapped in a world of both the future and the past. There he teams up with the hero Claymari know as Sword Mare and her Unicorn daughter Philia to fight the Evil Zebra menace. Meanwhile Top Zebra assassin Azrael is sent to the world of future and the past to pursue Captain Zero Endless.

    In Sword Mare’s world the Zebra rule a poisoned Equestia. The trees and animals have gone wild, the ground bare with soil. The pony races are divided and at best barley stand each other.
    Three New Chapters: "Forgiven Past Part 3: Rat King #8", "A Song of Apples and Oranges Part 1: Those of the East", "A Song of Apples and Oranges Part 2: Those of the West"

    To Question Fate


    [Romance][Sad][Dark][Crossover][Adventure][Alternate Universe]
    Author: Mychelle
    Description: I would like to tell you that old cliché line of 'War never changes.', but as much as ponies seem to enjoy using it, I think its only telling you half the story. So let’s start with my opinion of the dawn of pony kind. I for one like to think that in the beginning there were sunshine and rainbows, and maybe that time lasted for far longer then we deserved. But, if I am allowed one good cliché line here, it would be that all good things have their end. Because that’s just how this damned world works.
    When things did end, it wasn’t the end of the world. Ponies actually hadn’t destroyed their world like most still believe. It was simply reduced to a much darker version than the original. The whole ‘balance of the universe’ must continue, and our days in the sun had simply run dry.
    For some, they survived in their Stable-Tec glorified prisons when fate raised its ugly head in clouds of pink and green fire. Some, either willingly or by force, met their demise by either of the two. And then there were the select few that ran for the heavens. But unlike their comrades that rose to follow their princesses or whatever deities they chose at that time, these ponies stole the heavens for their own safety against the apocalypse.
    One New Chapter: "When one door closes."

    Author: jarmari
    Description: After returning from the American Wasteland Cane is faced with a shock he didn't expect and is left with some serious problems to fix. Horrors from their pasts start to intrude into their lives as everyone tries to prepare for Cane and Ruby's wedding, not to mention the birth of their baby, and soon everyone will find themselves traversing the wasteland far and wide to mount an offensive against an unexpected enemy from the past that will stop at nothing to capture the most powerful weapon of mass destruction since the invention of the Mega Spell.
    One New Chapter: 17



    [Dark][Crossover][Adventure][Alternate Universe]
    Author: Polski
    Description: Stable 50 is opened after 170 years. exiting are 5 stable dwellers lead by a security Pegasus named Flag Waver who travel through the ruins of Haycago a metropolis ravaged by the great war.
    One New Chapter: 7

    Author: Cascadejackal
    Description: The Wasteland Bouquet. Just another bar, in just another town. The same old crowd, even when the faces change. Prospectors, scavengers, anyone that's down and out or just needs to tell their story, get things off their chest. Unicorn, Earth Pony, Pegasus, even Griffon, everyone is welcome. Walk on in, get yourself a drink, and cry your heart out to the pretty mare behind the bar, or maybe the quiet mare with the cold eyes. That's what they're there for, after all.

    Thing is, they have their own story. It may not be heard very often, but here it is. Because every pony has a story, and those stories need to be told.
    One New Chapter: "Well, That Just Happened"

    [Dark][Comedy][Crossover][Slice of Life]
    Author: RainbowYoshi
    Description: It might be a wasteland, but kids will still be kids. Even if they live in a town built to help out orphans and displaced foals, and have to still face the difficulties everyone else has out there.

    Wing's You've Earned is set in the main Fallout Equestria universe and follows a group of foals as they experience their lives and go on small adventures through the wasteland.

    Both the Dark and Comedy tags are used because while foals are generally more light-hearted, the wasteland itself is not a terribly happy place.
    Three New Chapters: 6, 7, 8

    Zero Hour B-Side


    Author: Sophos
    Description: A decade after the day of "Sunshine and Rainbows" San Palimino is the worst piece of dirt in Equestria to some, and the last bastion of freedom to others. Enter a journal that makes its way into the hooves of Booster; "Road Given" at birth by his tribe. With seemingly no rhyme or reason (excluding musical numbers), the journal becomes a documentation of some of the best kept secrets of Ponykind. Just trying to get by without a home, Booster isn't one to try and make sense of things. One thing Booster is sure of: He wouldn't have it any other way, and he'll fight for it too.
    One New Chapter: 3

    Author: lezvion
    Description: Историю, путник, тебе расскажу,
    Да против правды я не погрешу.
    Прикрой свои очи, послушай слова,
    Что до меня доносила молва.

    Был век, что царил круг лишь мир да покой
    И дружно все жили, что стар, что младой.
    И не было воин, печалей, невзгод,
    С тех пор миновал уже не первый тьмы год.

    Тьмы время настало и пал Кантерлот,
    Теперь нет у пони привычных хлопот.
    В скитаниях жизни свои коротать,
    На Пустоши скудную пищу искать.

    Надежд больше нет, все их мрак поглотил,
    Тот мрак, что в душе своей каждый таил,
    Осталась душа ль ещё? Спорный вопрос.
    Убить могут тут за пшеничный колос.

    Ты спросишь мой друг, может есть ещё свет?
    Ответом не будет бесспорное «нет».
    Ответом не будет короткое «да»,
    Почти не несут смысла эти слова.

    Историю, путник, тебе расскажу,
    Да против правды я не погрешу.
    Прикрой свои очи, послушай слова,
    Что до меня доносила молва.

    О сером пегасе-дашите мой сказ,
    О том, кто не принял Анклава приказ.
    Мой сказ о волшебнице, дарящей свет,
    Бежавшей от горестей, злобы и бед.

    О пони, лицо чьё скрывает доспех,
    Не часто услышать её можно смех,
    Тебе расскажу я, исполню заказ.
    Теперь же послушай правдивый рассказ…
    One New Chapter: 22

    Better Days


    [Crossover][Adventure][Alternate Universe]
    Author: Gamma Deekay
    Description: It takes a lot of hard work to be a bounty hunter in the wastelands of Equestria, and no pony know's that quite as well as Percussion Cap. She may not be the best, or work the fastest, or even be the most social towards others, but she always gets the job done. Who needs friends anyway when you have the job to focus on? The job has always been the same for her, track 'em, kill 'em, snip 'em, and return 'em. But sometimes you have to take jobs that you don't feel comfortable with, ones that are just too good to turn down. Sometimes you just have to risk it all for the big payout. And sometimes, you don't end up winning at all.

    As a fun side note, this story is technically a sequel to FoE: The Long Winter. Sawyer and I are collaborating between our respective fics, so there may be some similarities between them. It is not required reading, but if you do want to know a bit more about Percussion's story, you might consider checking it out.
    One New Chapter: 25

    Fallen Angels


    Author: Tetragrammaton
    Description: There're things out there in the wasteland, even the historians didn't know about.

    Whirling Feather is an oridnary pegasus, living above the protecting cloud cover created by the Grand Pegasus Enclave over twohundred years ago and like every enclave pegasus, she has joined the miltary forces.
    But after she had gone missing during a mission on the surface and has to seek a way home, back to the skys, she encounters a conflict that has been frozen in time.
    A confilct from long before the Great War, long before Equestria even knew the word "war".
    And this conflict may or may not destroy Equestria...

    [This fiction is based on the one Kkat created. I do not own any rights concerning the Fallout games, My Little Pony or Fallout Equestria itself]

    [This is my first fanfiction so if there's anything wrong (and there will be something, I'm sure) feel free to comment]
    One New Chapter: 10

    Author: Lucky Ticket, Alnair
    Description: Что скрывают снега далёкого Севера? Это предстоит узнать юной кобылке из Стойла 96 и её своенравной полосатой спутнице.
    С момента окончания Великой Войны прошло уже два столетия. Заброшенные города хранят остатки былой роскоши и довоенные тайны. Однако, если как следует покопаться и скинуть этот относительно недавний налёт, можно обнаружить ключ к разгадке тайн, куда как более древних…
    One New Chapter: 12

    [Tragedy][Dark][Comedy][Crossover][Adventure][Alternate Universe]
    Author: Marlow
    Description: "Our caravan has departed New Appleloosa, leaving territories and places known to me behind. Pendulum plans to take us across the old Equestrian heartland, stopping at trading posts before making our way to Tenpony Tower in Manehattan then swinging back around and following the coast down to Baltimare. But, trouble brews in Fillydelphia and danger of many kinds waits in the wasteland for wary and unwary alike. After Baltimare, my employer plans on booking passage over the sea, braving the boiling waters for zebra lands to the east. I do not know if I will accompany him that far... only that my two foals are out there somewhere, as is my would be murderer. All three must be found and I will search to the end of my strength to locate them. Hopefully, there will be some booze... and bucks (or mares) along the way. I'm looking for answers, to my past, my future... only I don't know where to find them. And, in some cases, I'm not even sure of the questions. I am no longer the mare with no name. I am Wild Skies... and far from being over, my journey has only just begun."
    One New Chapter: 3



    Author: CopperTop
    Description: War. War never changes. But it does evoke changes in others.
    The stories go, that before the Great War that ravaged the land, ponies knew harmony and friendship. Ponies helped each other, with no thought given towards compensation. It was simply what ponies did for one another.
    In the years after the day the balefire megaspells fell, that...feeling, was lost to ponykind. Destroyed, tainted by the same conflict that had ravaged the very land itself. Charity was a relic, altruism a weakness to be exploited. Our species had survived the destruction of Equestria, but our civilization...that had died.
    From the ashes of the Old World, a new one rose up. A society born of necessity and a ruthless desire to survive. The strong climbing to prosperity over the corpses of those too weak to resist them. In the Equestira that now exists, there are two kinds of ponies: those whom are willing to do whatever it takes to survive, and the dead...

    Oakwood Blues


    Author: Yoater
    Description: Oakwood City is mysterious island forever shrouded in mist to the outside world. Built by an unknown group of ponies and long thought by most to hold vast quantities of untouched old world technology, but some believe it is a portal to another dimension in which the war never happened. All those that venture to the jungle island are never heard from again and it was was for this reason the Goddess banished Shell Shock and her sister there many years ago....

    Thanks to Kkat for creating the Fallout Equestria universe.
    One New Chapter: "Epilogue"

    [Dark][Comedy][Crossover][Adventure][Alternate Universe]
    Author: PeppermintSparkle
    Description: Peppermint Sparkle has been hated all her life in Stable 2. Why? She's a PegaZebra. Along with that, the only Pegasus AND the only Zebra in Stable 2. She hates her life, and everypony hates her. So when her best friend, Little Pip, leaves the Stable in Pursuit of Velvet Remedy... Peppermint decides to leave her horrible life for what could be something more outside. Follow her on an amazing journey through The Wasteland - One that will not only change her life, but quite possible, everypony's!

    **If anypony would like to help in making a Cover for this, comment please!
    One New Chapter: 5

    Author: Natsirt-Tenenkei
    Description: Set in the amazing world created by Kkat.
    Former General Zippity Do-Dah is awakened to find that the world he once knew and loved is destroyed. Now he travels the wastes trying to restore Equestria. All the while struggling to contain his true nature. Will he succeed? or will he die trying?
    Two New Chapters: "A Chance Encounter", "A Mission"



    [Dark][Crossover][Adventure][Alternate Universe]
    Author: Scattershot
    Description: In the Enclave, everypony has a purpose. In order to sustain life above the clouds every stallion, mare, and foal must do their part to keep the society up and running. Unfortunately for Sleet Gray, she is practically useless. An obsolete special talent, unimpressive looks, and a physique unsuited for military life, she instead tries to develop skills in other areas. She taught herself the intricacies of pre-war technology, specializing in "data extraction." However, there are files that some ponies would prefer remained unseen, and when a practice session has her uncover a top secret military file holding a dark plan, she is forced to come to grips with the terrible reality she lives in. Before it can truly sink in, she is attacked by the ponies she has known all her life and has to escape. Wanted for treason, Sleet flees into the Wasteland, hoping to survive long enough to try and stop the atrocities about to unfold before her demons catch up with her.
    One New Chapter: "Visions"



    [Dark][Crossover][Adventure][Alternate Universe][Anthro]
    Author: Randmizr-77
    Description: If you could find a word to describe us, the best would be "oddballs". We all seem too different to get along and team up. But in the Wasteland, you learn to put small things like that aside to survive. Radiation, taint, pink cloud, raiders, bloatsprites.. those are just some of the dangers that lurk. And when you throw vehicular combat into the mix? Things get REALLY interesting.
    This is my first story, so please let me know what you think in the comments so I can become a better writer. This story is non-canonical and contains automobiles, anthropomorphic ponies, and 4th wall breaching. Viewer discretion is advised.[tags may change as story progresses]

    I do not own Fallout, Fallout Equestria, My little Pony, or Twisted Metal. They all belong to their rightful owners. The original Fallout: Equestria is by Kkat.
    Four New Chapters: "Intro(NEW)", "Filler", "1:Life", "2:Introductions"

    Author: Various Authors
    Description: With dangers around every corner and death always on the horizon, life in the Wasteland is never easy and rarely pleasant. But not everypony is a hero or a villain. Some of us are just trying to get by. That doesn't mean we don't have stories to share.

    Join the Good Fight.
    (Authors are linked at the start of each story.)
    Thirteen New Chapters: "Fixation / Tongue Tied / Not Again by Sophos", "Art by TundraStanza", "Legion by Interloper", "Oh No, Not Again by MoistGooDragon", "Monster by Honey Mead", "Snow by TundraStanza", "Delicious by Sophos", "Morale by TundraStanza", "Chainsaw by G-man64", "Rock-a-by by Bluemoon1996", "Family by TundraStanza", "Dance by TundraStanza", "Perception by Natsirt-Tenenkei"

    War, war, war...


    Author: RainbowSix0326
    Description: War. Its what sent the known world to hell 150 years ago, but it never stops. It sure doesn't stop the Grand Pegasus Enclave when their whole civilization is being threatened by a lack of resources. This story fallows Sergeant Thunder Wing and his squadron of Enclave soldiers throughout the invasion of the Griffin Kingdom of Aldorna.
    One New Chapter: "Happy Days"

    Author: L9OBL
    Description: What started off as a small favour for a friend turned into a full out month long project Drawn by hand then coloured in on GIMP.
    Four New Chapters: 4.23, 4.24, 4.25, 4.26

    Author: alfredofroylan2
    One New Chapter: "Page 11"



    Author: BruinsBrony216
    Two New Chapters: 27, 28

    Lost Voice, The


    Author: Ganzerul
    One New Chapter: "Page 4"

    Author: king-koder
    One New Chapter: "Episode 1 Page 15"

    Author: David-Irastra
    Five New Chapters: 8, 9, 10, 11, 12

    Author: AlexMalkavian
    Description: Колись давно у чарівній країні Еквестрії...

    …настав час, коли ідеали дружби поступилися місцем жадібності, егоїзму, параної та заздрісному захвату простору та ресурсів, яких залишалося все менше. Країни озброювалися проти своїх сусідів. Кінець світу настав саме так, як його й передбачали — світ поринув у безодню зловісного полум’я і темної магії. Подробиці незначні і недоречні. Причини, як завжди, тільки в нас. Світ був практично позбавлений життя. Велика чистка; магічна іскра, викресана копитами поні, швидко вийшла з-під контролю. Мегачари падали з неба. Цілі країни були охоплені полум’ям і занурилися в киплячі океани. Поні були майже знищені, їх душі стали частиною радіації, що огорнула землю. Тиха темрява опустилася на світ...

    ...Але це був не кінець світу, як дехто пророкував. Навпаки, цей апокаліпсис був лише прологом до нової, кривавої глави в історії поні. В перші дні тисячі були врятовані від жахів холокосту, сховавшись в величезних підземних сховищах, також відомих як Стайні. Але коли вони вийшли, їх зустріло лише пекло пустищ. Всіх, окрім мешканців Другої Стайні. Бо в той лиховісний день, коли магічне полум’я лилося з неба, велетенські двері Другої Стайні зачинилися, щоб ніколи не відчинитися.

    Фоллаут: Еквестрія
    Two New Chapters: 5, 6

    Author: Arientar, Casimir, Corrupted Kindness, Poulsen
    Story Mirror Sites:  
    Description: Cześć! Oto polskie tłumaczenie legendarnego fanfica "Fallout: Equestria". Pierwotnie znajdowało się tu kilka rozdziałów przetłumaczonych przez Corrupted Kindness, pierwszego Polaka, który postanowił zmierzyć się z tym tytanicznym zadaniem. Zimą 2012 roku połączył on siły z Poulsenem, Arientarem, i innymi osobami, aby razem kontynuować prace na tłumaczeniem. Obecnie, poniższe rozdziały to nowa, poprawiona i uzupełniona wersja, będąca wynikiem wspólnych prac całego zespołu. Mamy nadzieję, że dzięki naszej pracy polscy Bronies nie znający angielskiego także będą mogli cieszyć się niesamowitym dziełem stworzonym przez niezrównaną Kkat. Zapraszamy do lektury!
    One New Chapter: 20

    [Grimdark][Crossover][Adventure][Blackjack][P-21][Rampage][Lacunae][Post-apocalyptic][Long][OC ponies][adventure]
    Author: Russian Translation Team
    Story Mirror Sites:  notabenoid,  EveryPony
    Description: Давным-давно в волшебной стране Эквестрии... идеалы дружбы были отвергнуты в
    пользу алчности, недоверчивости и войны. В конце концов, и сам мир был разорён пожарами
    бесчисленных Мегазааклинаний; та цивилизация, что была раньше, перестала существовать.
    Однако Хуфингтону, удалось устоять. Даже в таком мире разрушенные,
    зловещие, облучённые башни Ядра продолжали стоять. Ранее центр военных исследований Эквестрии, ныне разрушенный дремлющий город. Он полон отравленных тайн и скрывает в себе опасные сокровища. Один единорог, обремененный чувством вины и неуверенная в себе, решает погрузиться в сеть интриг Хуффингтона. С разношерстной и непутёвой группой товарищей на её стороне, она должна разгадать более чем двухсотлетнюю загадку - если Пустошь первой не распутает её.
    One New Chapter: 62

    Author: David-Irastra
    Description: Blackjack es una pony unicornio quien trabaja para seguridad en el establo 99. su vida era una constante rutina , asi lo era hasta que un dia tras una serie de sucesos ella se aventura al mundo exterior donde tendra que lidiar no solo con los horrores que los yermos equestrianos tienen sino con sus propios demonios.

    Se recomienda discrecion en su lectura tienen lengua fuerte y temas sexuales.
    One New Chapter: 68

    Author: Newbiespud
    Description: A tabletop campaign podcast set in the Fallout: Equestria world! What was once the southern Badlands is now a cursed caldera known as Dragon\'s Maw. It\'s rumored that when the great dragons perished in the apocalypse, they left their treasure hoards behind. These rumors have lured prospectors to their doom for decades. Now, not long after Littlepip\'s journey ended, six crazy wastelanders brave the Maw to uncover the ancient dragons\' secrets.
    Three New Chapters: "Session 18 - The Tainted Abyss", "Animatic - Powder Keg Meets Blinkie - by DallyDaydream", "Session 19 - Temple of Tanis"

    Pink Eyes


    Author: ThePolishWarlord
    One New Chapter: 4