• Story Updates - July 3rd

    Poor Scootaloo.  That fic updates so much she must die daily.

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    Story: Over the Hills and Far Away (New Part 5!)


    Author: Yipyapper
    Description: A mysterious stallion wielding incredible powers, with the help of mystical devices from Starswirl The Bearded's era, plunges Equestria into the pre-classical age—a place in time where questing and adventuring is first and foremost. The magical effects at play give the Cutie Mark Crusaders—unwittingly having helped the stallion usher in the change—a new world, new abilities and a new challenge to overcome, all while playing a crucial part in an ancient conflict as they fend for their lives.
    Over the Hills and Far Away (New Part 5!) 

    Story: Scootaloo Dies a Bunch (Update Part 41-43!)

    [Comedy] "Scootaloo will die, and you will laugh. A lot." - Pre-reader TheSlorg

    Author: alexmagnet
    Description: Scootaloo may just be the world's most unfortunate filly. She gets the short stick on everything. Of course, it just so happens that that short stick will always entail dying. It's a good thing she doesn't seem to notice that she dies a lot, otherwise things might start to get a bit complicated.

    Short vignettes which reimagine each episode of MLP such that Scootaloo dies in increasingly spectacular and insignificant ways.
    Scootaloo Dies a Bunch (New Part 41-43!) 

    Story: Rain without Rainbows (Update Part 17!)


    Author: Leoshi
    Description: Driven by her dreams of fame, Rainbow Dash makes a wish that earns her the skill she needs. But the price she pays for that wish is more than what she, or her friends, can bear.
    Rain without Rainbows (All Links)(New Part 17!)