• Roleplaying is Magic, Season Four Edition

    Roleplaying is Magic, the traditional tabletop style game has released it's "Season four edition".  If you need something to do with a couple friends and maybe a few blindbag figures and paper each week, this is a good low cost solution! And if you have never tried tabletop games before, you totally should some time!

    The 4th edition can be found over here. They also have a release message below the break if you are curious.

    Well, everypony, it's time!
    Roleplaying is Magic: Season Four Edition has launched!

    We've redesigned S4E once more since last year, focusing much more on our roots of simplicity and roleplaying, and we believe S4E is the best edition of Roleplaying is Magic yet--we think all you tabletop and freeform RPG gamers out there will really enjoy what we've come up with. S4E is a web-only release; this time around, there's no book to download--it's all organized on the site!

    This is also a bittersweet announcement, however, as S4E will be the last 'official' edition of Roleplaying is Magic we're producing for the foreseeable future; our team is ready to move on to bigger and better things, and that was the point of the project from the beginning. So, as a thank-you to those players and developers who have supported us over the four years since we started this project, we've also designed S4E to be very moddable and friendly to variant rules and house rules; we've tried to put the creative power into your hands for our final edition, to let your imagination take over and help give those who, like us, love to create games a helping hand.

    You can find the Season Four Edition (as well as information about the project, past editions, and more) at our new, permanent website, www.RoleplayingIsMagic.com

    Thank you for a wonderful four years, everypony; none of this amazing experience would have been possible without you, our very best friends. We hope you enjoy the Season Four Edition.

    Your faithful game designers,
    ~Tall Tail and the Roleplaying is Magic Team