• Story: Seeking Power (Update Part 10!)


    Author: Forthwith

    Description: In the far reaches of Canterlot Castle, high above in the towers lives the archmage. Everypony knows her, yet few have met her.
    Twilight Sparkle sighs, having teleported away another noble seeking favors before reaching the top of the stairs. That was the second time today; they never learned.
    As the archmage, Twilight already deals with political squabbles far too often without inviting them into her home. Aside from personal favors for her only friend, Princess Celestia, she does what is required of her position and then returns to seclusion and research.
    The nobles grumble that no archmage should be a commoner, and Twilight’s disrespect towards them proves it. Each and every time they are forced to bow to her, they hate what they see: the position, the status, the deference.
    Is she not powerful? Is she not great?
    Twilight, now reading through dusty scrolls and long forgotten tales, writes in her notes. Notes gathering dust of their own. A brief thought flashes through her mind as she fervidly writes.
    Am I not powerful? Am I not great?

    Seeking Power (New Part 10!)

    Additional Tags: AU Rational Fic Elements Quest