• Random Merch: Rainbow Dash Air Freshener, Neck Pillows, Winged Backpacks, and More!

    We have pony neck pillows now, just in case your bed wasn't already covered in pony stuff. We really need to run another one of those collection events and see how crazy things have gotten over the years.

    This one was found at a Toys R' Us in Singapore by @crocodee.

    And head on down below the break for more random merch!

    Pencils with Blindbag Figures and Pens

    Found at Toys R' Us by Sarah, Zach, and !

    Slap Bracelets

    The 90's return!

    Found by Trisha and Framwinkle at Target

    UK Equestria Girls Magazine

    Just in case you were worried EG wasn't getting enough exposure.

    Found in the UK at Gatwick Airport by Blonic Rainboom

    Blind Bag Rings

    Just in case you wanted to wear your blindbags.

    Found by Andrew. No location yet.

    Coin Purse

    Found by Flarabelle at Toys R Us.

    Pinkie Pie Tablet Case

    Found at Toys R' Us by Alex I!

    Toddler Girl's MLP Blue Socktop Slipper

    A little weird.

    Found at Kmart by Rick.

    MLP Top Trumps Game "Who's the Most Magical". 

    I've never heard of Top Trumps, but apparently it's a thing now with ponies!

    Found at Forbidden Planet by SUP3R Toastr

    Celestia Backpack

    Found at Toys R' Us by Framwinkle

    Rainbow Dash Air Freshener 

    Now your car can smell like a sweaty pegasus!

    Found at Hot Topic by Framwinkle