• Store Championships This Weekend for the MLP CCG

    The MLP CCG Tumlbr has tossed up information on upcoming store championships.  If you want to give your decks a workout, this is the place.  A quote:

    The first round of the 2014 My Little Pony CCG Store Championships starts this weekend (July 11-13). Players from around the US and Canada will have the opportunity to play with their local players and earn an invitation to the Gen Con Championship in August in Indianapolis, IN. My Little Pony CCG Store Championships will take place over the next three weekends until the end of July (July 11-13, July 18-20, and July 25-27).

    And the full list of stores is over here!

    The first 32 participants at every store will recieve the Rainbow Chaser Fluttershy card above for as part of the entry, and top 8 players will get a foil Cloudchaser.

    Thanks to Richard for the heads up!