• Enterplay Reveals Rock N' Rave Theme Decks, Plus New Binder

    For those that haven't been following the world of MLP Card news, Maud and Scratch were announced a while back for their own theme decks.  Today, Enterplay revealed the box art for them.  Expect Rock N Rave to release with the following:

    • DJ Pon-3 Mane Character Card
    • Maud Pie Mane Character Card
    • 12 additional all-new cards (full play sets of each)
    • Never-before-seen Friends, Events, and Troublemakers
    • Playable 2-player game right out of the box
    Price: $18.99

    Some of the cards they pointed out include Berry Punch and Octavia.  

    Expect that to land on the 8th of August! 

    And in other news, the binder above was also dropped, though no information on that one was given other than an image. 

    Thanks to Carlo and Sarah for the heads up!