• Music of the Day #352

    Which one of these is Rainbow Dash whistling? Which one would you be whistling? It's Music of the Day time. Get them all below.

    [1] Source
    FlightRush - Empty Arenas
    Instrumental - Electronic

    [2] Source
    ArkticSkies - Our Kingdom
    Instrumental - Chillout

    [3] Source
    Assertive Fluttershy - Boo Hoo [Glexes Remix]

    [4] Source
    Moonlight Drifters - Symphonic Death Metal by DivinumX
    Symphonic Death Metal

    [5] Source
    Op5 - Sky Vip (ft. NexZeoN)

    [6] Source
    REDD & Swedish Horse Mafia - Bloodlust [Dj Lunar Remix]
    Heavy Dubstep

    [7] Source
    Twilight Sky

    [8] Source
    AChickenCupcake - When I'm Gone (Ft. MoonlightBlaze)

    [9] Source
    Mush - This Day Aria (Genesis Remix)
    Remix - 16 Bit SEGA Boss Battle

    [10] Source
    The Equine Project - Find Your Element