• Convention Compilation - July 28th

    And then Pinkie was the princess of everything. And you thought Discord was bad.

    We have conventions, and news involving them! This year is just getting started. Have some headlines:

    Brent Hodges Heading to BronyCAN
    Crystal Mountain Pony Con 2014 Promo
    Czequestria 2014 - LARP promo
    Brony Bus Trip to Sydneigh
    DerpyCon South Badge Giveaway
    Ponyville Ciderfest Panel Registration is now live! Ponyville is also seeking volunteers!

    And get your full announcements below!

    Brent Hodges Heading to BronyCAN!

    BronyCAN is happy to announce that Brent Hodges, director of A Brony Tale, will be attending BronyCAN 2014 to talk about his hit documentary! A Brony Tale, starring voice actress Ashleigh Ball and featuring numerous community figures, is the latest documentary film on the brony phenomenon that has been screened across the world and is set for a theatrical release on July 8th! A special panel where he will greet the attendees and answer your questions will take place on Friday, August 22nd.

    About Brent Hodges:

    Brent Hodges started his directing career with CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation), directing two seasons of R3TV for CBCMusic. Brent has directed TV documentaries including Leo Nominated "Winning America" and "What Happen's Next" about Canadian singer Dan Mangan. Brent recently won a Canadian Screen Award for Best Non Fiction Online Content.

    Brent has also worked with National Geographic, National Film Board of Canada, Discovery Canada, and OLN Network and has done web video content for Mcdonalds, GAP, Samsung, TIME Magazine, and Uber. Brent runs his own company Hodgee Films which focuses on video content for agencies, tech start ups, travel documentaries, and filming live events around the world.

    Crystal Mountain Pony Con 2014 Promo

    Brony Bus Trip to Sydneigh

    Are you a Brony?
    Want to go to Sydneigh?
    Not sure how?
    Do you live in Melbourne or the surrounding area?
    Why not join a group bus trip to Sydney and back again!

    Melb/Vic Bronies facebook group is organising for a group bus trip from Melbourne to Sydney for the Sydneigh ( http://sydneigh.com.au ) weekend Sept 27th-28th. There will also be the option for a group bookingat a hotel for 2 nights including breakfast. If you choose to stay at the same hotel there will be travel included from the hotel to the venue and back again, as well as any of the Luna Light events.

    Contact Nikki De Iacovo via:
    https://www.facebook.com/groups/melbronies/ or [email protected]

    Czequestria 2014 - LARP promo

    DerpyCon South Badge Giveaway

    DerpyCon South's hotel block needs to be filled, so we are giving away free passes with the extra incentive of an Alicorn pass if we meet 80% of our block! An Alicorn pass comes with a night in the hotel, so if you win that you basically come for free, get awesome swag, VIP status, and the best time at the con! Getting a hotel room before the cutoff date of August 15th will IMMENSELY help the convention, not only this year but next as well.

    We are giving away 1 Alicorn pass*, 2 sponsorship passes*, 4 weekend passes and 6 day passes to be chosen randomly from those who register their hotel rooms at our discount rate of $99 in the DCS hotel block below.

    However, this opportunity will only be available until August 15th, *and the Alicorn pass and Sponsorship Passes will be replaced with weekend passes if we do not reach 150 room nights.**

    So what are you waiting for, get your hotel booked today! Each night booked counts as one entry!

    (**if you don’t win a pass, you’ll get an extra hour in our rock quarry)


    Ponyville Ciderfest Panel Registration is now live! Ponyville is also seeking volunteers!

    Ponyville Ciderfest Panel Registration! is now LIVE! Follow the link below to submit to have you panel at Ponyville Ciderfest!

    Interested in volunteering for an awesome MLP show? Want to learn the behind the scenes of running a con? Then staffing id for you! Head over to our staffing page and fill out an application today! Plus check out the benefits of staffing =D


    Visit our Registration page to learn about the ticket information and prices, along the epic things you get for signing up as one of our SPONSOR tickets! Book your trip to Ponyville Ciderfest now! =D
    Be sure to visit us and like our Facebook Page, www.facebook.com/ponyvilleciderfest, or follow us on twitter @PonyCiderfest and stop by our Tumblr Page, Ponyville Ciderfest and be sure to ask Barley Tender or Caramel Malt, our Ponyville Mascots any MLP related questions!