• Many Helping Hooves - Community Guests At GalaCon

    As EFNW takes a much needed rest to plan for next year, GalaCon is ramping things up again as their convention is but a little less than a month away! While there are going to be a ton of awesome staff guests there what sort of community guests can we expect? Well, check on after the break for a rundown on what to expect.

    Greetings, everyone!

    Less than a month until GalaCon - The countdown is on and things are shaping up smoothly day by day. Soon y’all will be packing your bags and making the trip all the way to Ludwigsburg, Germany - All the more reason to give you more insight of what awaits you this year!
    In the following weeks, we’ll bring you more details about our guests, events and other neat stuff that will make your time at GalaCon a great one. Make sure to keep your eyes peeled!

    Today, we’ll talk further about our Community Guests. Plenty of wonderful people are coming to share their talents at GalaCon - Some of them were invited by us, others offered their contributions on their own, but whether they carry the Community Guest title or not, they are all incredibly welcome and appreciated!

    First off, there has been some changes in our Commnity Guest lineup - Unlike previously announced, Psyguy and Gabby will not be able to attend GalaCon. However, we got a bunch of new additions to our roster for your enjoyment, including:

    - SketchySounds, EileMonty and AcousticBrony

    The UK fandom boasts a fantastic variety of musical talent, and once again we enlist parts of it to bring you the best to your ears! This year’s Gala Evening ball event will feature more traditional music performances than ever before.

    AcousticBrony return after their 2013 success and are joined by the wonderful EileMonty and her amazing vocal talent as well as guitarist and singer SketchySounds. Together, they will bring you smooth, classy music - Look forward to fandom favorites and other tunes, all befitting for a laidback evening in style!

    - JanAnimations & ShadyVox

    It’s safe to say that GalaCon wouldn’t be half as known as it is if it weren’t for our promo videos, and for most of them, we can thank the fantastic JanAnimations. No matter what, he’s not going to stop pursuing his talents, and he’ll return to GalaCon with a panel and maybe a surprise or two in store! He’s not coming alone this time, either - Voice actor and musician ShadyVox, better known to some as Button Mash, will join him to answer your questions and have some fun!

    - Laserpon3

    With him, you get exactly what it says on the tin - Laserpon3 has been entertaining the fandom for years with his laser animations and shows, bringing ponies to life in his very unique way. But don’t think he’ll just bring any old thing to GalaCon - He will peform a proper, live laser show with new projectors and all the creativity and skill he’s built up over the years! Plus, he’ll have a panel to answer any questions you might have about his work in the light spectrum, so zap him with questions!

    And those aren’t even all - You should definitely keep your eyes open for people like the returning electronic musicians Thorinair and HMage, rapper Pipsqueak, professional fursuit creator Atalon, etc. etc.

    It’ll be one big party, that’s for sure! We can’t wait to welcome all of you, no matter how many people know your name, at GalaCon!

    Best wishes,
    Your GalaCon-Team

    Twitter: Calpain