• GalaCon Update: Regarding ChuckyBB

    Some confusion has arisen from a recent announcement by GalaCon about the attendance of community guest ChuckyBB. Initially it was thought that he worked in some capacity with DHX, but it has come to the staff of GalaCon's attention that this is not the case after verifying information with DHX higher ups.

    Update: DHX Management has confirmed the info below!

    Check on after the break for the full rundown.


    as you know, GalaCon always aims to bring you a good time. Just like most of you, we are fans of My Little Pony and we want to contribute to the fandom somehow. We aren’t professionals - We are a group of enthusiastic hobbyists. We do what we can, but we are far from perfect.

    As the head of events at GalaCon, it’s my job to work together with people to put up an entertaining and high quality variety of panels, and to present you reputable panelists. I made a big mistake on the latter, and believed someone who was far from reputable.

    A couple of days ago, I announced ChuckyBB as a panelist who would present behind the scenes material from DHX in his position as part time animator. I genuinely believed I did enough background checking and I genuinely believed what he told me in our conversations. He cited DHX staff members and claimed to have his trip paid by DHX. However, none of this is true; ChuckyBB has never worked as an animator for DHX. He isn’t and never has been in a position to speak for DHX.

    I know this because after the announcement, GalaCon was approached by legitimate staff members of both Hasbro and DHX after word had reached them about Chucky’s claims. Said staff members, unlike Chucky, showed legitimate proof of their positions at the respective companies. A member of DHX’ higher management confirmed it. If all of that hadn’t happened, I would be none the wiser and present a fraud at GalaCon as the real deal in a few weeks. I had no way of contacting DHX prior to this ordeal. The fact that they got in touch with us shows that these companies don’t take fraudulent claims lightly.
    Needless to say, Chucky will not be present at GalaCon as a panelist in any way.

    I’m not here to start a witch hunt. GalaCon has nothing to gain from drama; however, we would have had a lot to gain from a fantastic panel for our attendees. I would have greatly preferred that Chucky turned out to be genuine and to add a big event to the convention. I’m very sorry this happened instead.

    Chucky did this all by himself by abusing the fandom’s trust greatly. All I’m here for is to express that I’m deeply sorry for being naive. I’m also very disappointed that someone would show such dishonest behaviour.

    GalaCon 2014 will be a great event - I hope you will enjoy the legitimate efforts we are putting into this event together with show staffers and fandom alike. Thank you for your trust, both past and present.

    Best wishes,
    Antonia “Perrydotto” Knoblich
    Head of Events & PR Assistant