• Story: The Quest for Celestia's Raiment (Update Parts 11-12)


    Author: GaPJaxie

    Description: Over a year ago, myself and four other FiMFiction authors started our own Ponyfinder campaign. The campaign lasted over a year, and followed the adventures of five brave little ponies, as they attempted to win fortune and glory in the eyes of their princess. Traveling across all of Equestria, into distant griffon lands, and through the realm of dreams itself, they struggle to prove themselves and win a place in the world.
    Nine hundred years before Nightmare Moon's return, Equestria is a very different place. Old tensions between the three races still linger, and Celestia's peace is still unproven. It is a more brutal era, and one in which ponies find it hard to see how friendship and magic can prevail.

    The Quest for Celestia's Raiment (New Parts 11-12)

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