• Ashleigh Ball and Brent Hodge Reddit AMA July 1st

    Curious about what this Brony Tale thing is all about? Now's your chance to ask the two head honchos of the film, Brent Hodge and Ashleigh Ball, this coming Tuesday evening! The two will be doing an AMA July 1st over on Reddit so make sure to join in if you can.

    Check after the break for more information related to the film and where you can watch it yourself.

    With the theater release of "A Brony Tale" right around the corner, July 8th, director of the film Brent Hodge and star Ashleigh Ball are set to do a Reddit AMA on July 1st.

    Ashleigh Ball and Brent Hodge are also going to be attending the early July 6th Los Angeles screening at The Cinefamily!

    Tickets to this early screening and theater information are available here: http://cinefamily.ticketmob.com/show.cfm?id=37354&cart

    For tickets and a full list of theaters, visit bronytalemovie.com


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