• Story: Trixie vs. Equestria


    Author: PaulAsaran

    When Trixie misinterprets a dream visit from Princess Luna as a personal challenge, she travels to Canterlot to prove her Greatness and Power! But what she expects to be a quick ordeal soon turns into something much, much more: epic duels, mysteries with every new revelation, and truths mixed in with lies. Trixie's caught up in a quest 1000 years in the making... but she doesn't even know who she's fighting for.
    With each new enemy stronger than the last and with no idea why she's fighting in the first place, Trixie begins to question everything she's ever come to know about Equestria... and herself.

    Trixie vs. Equestria

    Additional Tags: Lost Trixie Duels Mane Six