• Pony Pipe Dreams - MLP: FiM Played on Vintage Theatre Pipe Organ!

    Big Apple PonyCon has an amazing event for those of you that love to sing along with pony music. Utilizing the Landmark Loew's Jersey Wonder-Morton Pipe Organ you can jam out and sing with other ponies as songs from the show are played live for con goers!

    Interested in what this all sounds like? Check out the wonderful video from PonyCon after the break!

    Renowned theater organist and composer Bernie Anderson, Jr. talks about the marvels of the pipe organ (or unit orchestra), about pony show music and about his upcoming concert at the Loew's Jersey for Big Apple Ponycon 2014.

    A unique opportunity in our community! EVERYPONY SING ALONG EVENT - All your favorite Daniel Ingram tunes played LIVE on the one-and-only, the biggest and the best, the unbelievable, unimpeachable, Landmark Loew's Jersey Wonder-Morton Pipe Organ...

    Saturday June 7th at Big Apple Ponycon


    Twitter: Calpain