• Ponies in the Media: Pix 11 and Metro Report on Ponies

    It looks like pony is once again making the news rounds.  Two in particular released some reasonably fun articles to spotlight the pony world, one in video form, the others in news print.  Have some links: 


    Over on PIX11, a psychologist popped on to help explain why a group of adults is obsessed with this show to someone who was a bit confused of the entire concept of it.  Everyone from Ari and conventions to EQD itself get a mention. 

    Metro Newspaper Article: 

    And over in the UK, Metro did a segment on the fandom as a whole.  The newspaper version of it can be found above, but they do have a shorter one over here online.

    Thanks to llham, Grounded Pegasus,Colgate, Sarah and the swarm of others that sent both of these in!