• MLP: CCG - First Regional Tournament & GenCon Finals Announced

    A big east coast tournament is happening next month on June 6th-7th for the MLP CCG. The entire thing will be taking place at Big Apple Ponycon in New Jersey, comlpete with random prizes (Playmats and shirts) for all participants, as well as a promo card exclusive to regional tournaments. And as always, winners will recieve the best of the best, along with a chance at an invite-only tournament happening at Gen Con this year.

    Head on down below for the full press release!

    The first official Regional Tournament for My Little Pony CCG will be at Big Apple Ponycon in Jersey City on June 6 & 7! Everyone is invited to come and play at ANY skill level.

    All players are eligible to win fun random prizes just for joining in. There will be special playmats and t-shirts given away, and every person who participates will get a promo card that is exclusive to Regional Tournaments!

    And the very best players will win great prizes, including entry into the invitation-only Finals to be held in GenCon 2014! More details to be announced as we get closer to Big Apple Ponycon and GenCon!