• EQD Wildstar Guild - Servers and Headstart Infos!

    We are just a few days away from Wildstar and the EQD guild that we are planning for it! Chances are will be the final name, but we need to pick a home server, or more specifically PVP Vs. PVE.

    Wildstar seems to have a pretty exciting PVP system, and so far the vote seems to be pointing toward that.  We need to lay the smackdown on some Dominion after all! Exile for life!

    If we did go that route, WIDOW would be the place. For those of you interested in joining, would you be up for a PVP Server? Hit the comments up!

    Guilds require level 12 and 10 gold, so chances are it would be a few hours after servers go live for the headstart this weekend.  This is assuming the servers don't explode, which is pretty common in new MMOS.  I haven't had much of a chance to mess with the guild management tools, but we will probably have multiple people doing invites once things get going. 

    A reminder to those that missed the last post, this will primarily be a casual leveling guild with potential for raids later.  Wildstar actually has hard dungeons in the 1-59 range for the first time since early WoW, so guild groups = good!  If there is enough interest, we will start raiding once everyone is caught up. 

    EQD Guild:
    Widow server if we go PVP
    Exile faction
    Invites will start a few hours after the game launches (If it doesn't explode). 
    Casual guild with possible raids for fun later on
    Go comment on PVP vs PVE!