• MLP: CCG Canterlot Nights Officially Released! Card Extravaganza!

    Canterlot Nights, the first expansion of My Little Pony CCG, is officially in stores today! Come celebrate with us in the post below and look at LOTS of the awesome new cards you can find in every color, and great combos you can make with Premiere and Canterlot Nights cards!

    Supportive is a new keyword in Canterlot Nights that makes a Friend stronger while they're with your same-color Mane Character. Since the Rainbow Dash Mane from Premiere edition can drag Friends along with her to Problems, this makes her dad, Rainbow Blaze, a very efficient Supportive Friend to keep together at the same Problem!

    Fast Clip can exhaust all the characters at a Problem, so that they don't provide their power to Problems and faceoffs. But, combine Fast Clip with Friends that have the Stubborn keyword, and the exhaustion won't hinder them. With the Hard Hat from Premiere, you can make ANY Friend Stubborn!

    Pink has a decent number of cards that have a one-time benefit when they are played. In the case of Pinkie "Responsibility" Pie, the benefit is very, very good! However, 4 action tokens is a lot. If you play Pinny Lane to the same Problem afterward, you can send Pinkie to the discard pile but regain those four action tokens!

    Bright Bulb messes with your opponent's ability to play Friends to a Problem. Four Step messes with your opponent's ability to move Friends to a Problem. Pair them up at the same Problem and watch your opponent scramble!

    Friends with the new Pumped keyword like being in faceoffs, even if they lose. Use Fashion Week to start a faceoff involving Coco Pommel and you have a win-win situation. If you win the faceoff, you get a point and put a card under her. If you lose, you still get to put the card under her. Either way, you can then spend the card from beneath her to give one of your characters +4 power until the end of the turn!

    Speaking of Pumped, Nurse Redheart has a great Pumped effect, but usually your opponent can see it coming. However, Eep! is an example of a way you can put a card beneath Nurse Redheart without the opponent having any chance to react, plus it's a very efficient way of returning an opponent's Friend to hand!

    And, here's some two-color combos for all of you!

    Cheese Sandwich is great for removing some powerful opponent Friends from play, but he usually can't do his effect the turn you play him. Princess Celestia is just one of many ways you can unexhaust Cheese the turn you play him and use his game text immediately!

    Steam Roller is immune to dismissal once he's Pumped. The way MLP: CCG timing works, if you use Rock, Paper, Scissors, Shoot! to start a faceoff between Steam Roller and an opponent's Friend, even if you lose the faceoff Steam Roller will be pumped and immune to dismissal by the time the faceoff ends; even if he loses, he won't be dismissed!

    A Vision of the Future is useful for winning faceoffs, though usually it ends up on the bottom of your deck afterward. Well, with Spike, Assistant Librarian, you can put it right back on top to win a faceoff yet again!

    If you like Pumped cards, then Joe is useful for almost anyone. However, people who use Fancy Pants will find Joe invaluable. Use Joe to feed Fancy Pants one card per turn, and then win a faceoff with Fancy Pants to gain points equal to the number of cards beneath him!