• BronyStudy Preliminary Results - Season 4

    Now that the season is over it's time to get scientific! According to some preliminary results from the BronyStudy group we have some encouraging findings that are sure to make for a fantastic hiatus! According to the study:

    The Bronystudy staff would like to thank those fans who have completed our Post-Season 4 survey.

    An initial review of the data shows that season 4 appears to have been VERY WELL received.
    With 93% rating it positively (versus 3% negative) and 70% saying it strengthened their interest in the show and fandom.

    If you have NOT yet taken the survey please visit out website at Bronystudy.com and share with us your thoughts about season 4.

    Thank you... Dr Psych Ology

    Simply amazing news if it is all accurate! Especially after how we all felt after season 3 ended and EqG launching that summer. Now we have a great season behind us and EqG turned out not as bad as many of us thought so I'm sure we can expect a fun time ahead.

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