• Derpycon South Adds Ingrid Nilson, AKA Maud Pie

    Welp that's a first.  Someone bagged Maud Pie's voice actor for a convention! Derpycon South happens in September down in New Orleans.  Get the full press release below the break!

    We at DerpyCon South are thrilled to welcome Ingrid Nilson as one of our guest stars! Ingrid is best known in the fandom as the voice actor behind Pinkie Pie's rockin cousin -- Maud Pie. She is also known for playing the supporting lead role "Patti" for five seasons in the award winning youth TV series "renegadepress.com". She plays Ann in the yet to be released feature film "Safety Glass" starring Hilary Duff.

    DerpyCon South will be taking place in New Orleans, Louisiana on September 20st through the 21st at the Hampton Inn & Suites New Orleans Convention Center located near the Mississippi riverside. 

    DCS will also feature Dana Claire Simpson (creator of comic series Heavenly Nostrils), Spectra Studios (team behind the upcoming Rainbow Factory movie), Natalie Louis (artist who illustrates amazing pony artwork), and many more!

    In regards to music, DCS will also feature several community musicians like Flutterwhat and Elements of Jazz to celebrate the night in style with live concerts! Pre-registration is now open and tickets for the entire weekend begin at $45 with other packages offered on our website. For more details, visit www.derpycons.com

    Register for tickets today at www.derpyconsouth2014.whindo.com