• A Big Thank You to the Crew of MLP!

    Now that was one heck of a season gang and with an AMAZING ending as well. I think we don't have to worry at all about our little pony friends over the hiatus and I hope you all are just as hyped for the next season as we are here at EqD!

    With that said, we really owe our MLP crew, at DHX, Top Draw, the Hub, and Hasbro for putting on such a fantastic season. We may have our bickering and rough points which really wear us down over the course of the season (crew side and fandom side) but in the end we're friends just like our dear pony friends. So let's give them some thanks everyone! Head on over on Twitter and tell them all thank you with the hashtag #ThankYouMLPStaff and give these fine ladies and gents some love!

    Can't tweet? Leave a comment below! They do still check EqD surprisingly enough so I'm sure they'll see your words at some point.

    Leekfish wants to send the above banner to the MLP crew! Help fund it here!