• BABSCon Mother Clarifies Creepy Stranger Story

    Over in the wonderful world of Tumblr, a rumor has been circulating based on a random anti-pony poster about a little girl being asked by an older brony to "come up to his room and help her pack", followed by a series of events involving said creepy dude..  A few of you have sent this one in, but we didn't want to jump the gun.  It looks like the full story has finally arrived. 

    On the official BABSCon Tumblr, the mother of the little girl has sent in her take on what exactly went down.  While the incident of said creepy guy actually did happen, many other aspects of the story were exaggerated.  In the end, the mother notes that it was an isolated event in an otherwise fun and safe convention, and she is sorry that an anti-brony tumblr decided to pick it up and start the mess to begin with.  Head on over here to read her full response.  Awesome Mom level = 10.

    And on another note, if any of you know who this guy was, send an email off to report@babscon.com.  Lets make sure this person doesn't get a chance to do it again next year.