• Nightly Roundup #942

    Apple pony because the world needs more apple pony! AJ will always be one of my favorites, but I think that is because I was raised in the country as was she.

    News time guys! Relax and check it out after the break!

    Tonight's Stories

    Rainbow Dash Buys McDonalds Toys

    Man, just three years ago we were wondering how to covertly get these toys and now we're going in going in pony suits! Crazy!

    Everypony Hates Flash Pt 2 Comic Dub

    Comic dub time! Charge!

    Spike Included on TheDailyCrate's Top 10 Favorite Dragons

    Awesome to see our little dragon getting some love! He really is awesome. Check the link below for the article!

    Check out the full story here!

    Flufflepuff 3D Render

    Not sure if our favorite fuzz ball translates over well to 3D, but here she is!

    Check out the full story here!


    Now for some more cake!

    Check out the full story here!

    Tonight's Groups Looking For More

    New Pony Figures Kickstarter with Not-Warhammer Ponies

    The guy behind the Pewter Ponies 28mm miniatures kickstarter has launched a kickstarter for antagonist ponies. I am a backer from the original kickstarter who has just backed the new one. It has much better production values.

    The new stuff includes "the Swarm", evil undead ponies, the Four Ponies of the Apocalypse, a necromancer, witches, and an Indiana Jones pony to fight them. The Swarm are multi-part. They look a little more like Tyranid ponies than changlings but I think with the right combination (roaring head + wings) they'd look much more like changlings.

    Also worth mentioning, two of the four horsemen ponies look VERY Warhammer 40k inspired, and one of the witch ponies looks like a Trixie.
    And Slendermane is a stretch goal.

    The last Pewter Pony kickstarter went really well (omg he delivered on time) so I'd really like to drum up some more support for this guy as it sounds like he really needs it.

    Check it out:

    New RP Forum

    Howdy, everypony!

    Looking for a new place to roleplay? A place to lurk and read in on some threads? Or maybe you're just in the mood to make some new friends? My Little Forum: Roleplay is Magic is the place for you! A young PG-13 forum taking place between the third and fourth seasons, we try to keep things as canon friendly as we can while encouraging a positive and creative attitude for us all to work together in building some awesome stories. Come create your own OC, maybe even claim a canon character, then jump in and enjoy everything from Slice-of-Life to taking part in a full on adventure or two, or just pop in and say "hi" in our IRC room while you skim a few posts for fun. We welcome everypony to come have a good time, meet some new people, forge a few friendships and join us in the land of Equestria today!

    Get more information here!

    WoW Guild (Twitchy Tail)

    Hi Everypony,

    Twitchy Tail (Level 22) is a relatively small guild, looking for more members of all levels to join us. We are currently focusing on helping out new recruits, as well as Flex raiding for anyone in the guild eligible! If you still have your Level 90 boost, or you wish to start a new toon, consider joining us for a good time!

    Contact: [email protected] or send a message to Mihen for an invite. The Guild is Twitchy Tail, from Ghostlands-EU

    London Season 4 Finale Pub Meet

    London Season 4 Finale Meetup

    Get more information here!

    CinemaQuestria is Now Hiring

    Hello everyone!

    Are you looking for entertainment? We're looking to provide! Join us as we build our brand new streaming site, CinemaQuestria. We aim to provide amusement and entertainment for everyone, ranging from showing films, TV, fan videos, games, art streams, and more!

    We now have positions we need filled. We are currently seeking two volunteers who are knowledgeable in HTML/CSS, Javascript, servers, IRC, and more. If you'd like to apply, please submit a request to [email protected] with your qualifications and why you are interested in applying. The deadline is Saturday, April 19th at 23:59 EST (GMT -5). Thank you for your time and talent as we reach for the stars!

    -Everlasting_Joy, Co-founder of CinemaQuestria.

    The Top Ten Pony Video Voting For March 2014

    Tonight's Podcasts and Blogs

    Equestria Girls 2: Vinyl Scratch Analysis

    D.E. Bronies React: Episode 18 - For Whom The Sweetie Belle Toils (Reaction)

    EQC Episode: Episode 36 - Trials and Tribulations

    What's that audience? Some disagreement this way comes? Could it be true? It is! The very first episode of the Equestria Confidential Podcast where Owen and Dillon have had differing opinions on the episode of the week! It was inevitable, but now it's here will it live up to the hype? No. Not at all.

    Also, season finale spoilers and speculation.

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    Today In Pony History

    April 6, 2011-2013

    2011 - EqD hits 2 million and MLP Online gets a huge update.

    2012 - Lauren Faust sells signed pictures for charity.

    2013 - Double Rainboom secrets revealed.

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