• McDonalds Toys - The History of the Girls Vs Boys Change

    Way back on the 11th of April, we posted something up noting a change at McDonalds seemingly around the time the pony stuff first started popping up.  Kids meals were moving away from the "Boy Vs Girl" scheme and instead using the actual names of the toys inside. 

    It turns out, this change has been in progress for quite a while now.  Way back in 2008, a girl going by the name of Antonia sent a message off to the CEO of McDonalds requesting that they change the way they offer happy meals, using the example of:

    My letter asked if it would be legal for McDonald’s “to ask at a job interview whether someone wanted a man’s job or a woman’s job?”

    I guess pony was just the toy line they decided to start it up on?  The full article can be found over on Slate! And thanks to Danielle and Jack for sending it.