• Introducing Community Feature: Gaming Index

    Gaming is a very big part of the fandom, considering every convention I've ever been to has a gaming room, game guilds and servers have been a thing since EqD started, and the number of pony games out there is ever growing! So this got me thinking, especially after a good question at our panel last weekend: how about an index of pony guilds, servers, games, mods, and even table top related material?

    So this is what I'm asking from everyone! Send in your pony themed guild, Minecraft server, pony game mods, and pony games so I can construct a go to guide for anything gaming related to ponies! Let's get our game on ponies!

    Send your information to [email protected] with Gaming in the subject header followed by what exactly you are submitting. Let's make this awesome everyone!

    Twitter: Calpain