• FoE Print Project Starting Again!

    For fans of the FoE series we have a special treat for you all tonight! After the success of the first printing the gang is back at it again with a second print, but they can only make it possible with your help! Interested? Check on after the break for the full details!

    We're doing a crowd-funded printing of Fallout: Equestria, one of the largest fanfics out there. Because it's so big, we're printing it as two books. For reference, each book will be about the same size as the Past
    Sins book.

    We have signups open through May 4th. Once signups close we can get quotes from the printer and just divide the cost by the number of people who signed up. So the more people who sign up, the cheaper the books will be.

    We're estimating one set (Book One and Book Two together) will be about $40, plus shipping, which will be about $10 for US, $40 for Canada, & $55 for everywhere else. We're working on getting the shipping down, but we can't guarantee anything right now.

    Because this is non-profit, we need everyone to pitch in first so we can pay the printer, since they won't start until they're paid. So if everyone is on top of things, we should be able to start shipping the books around the beginning of July. Which is a little more than a month after we finish collecting money. That's pretty good for custom books.

    Head on over to the website at http://book.fallout-equestria.com/ read the announcement, and sign up!

    If the book website goes down, you can reach the signup form directly at http://goo.gl/PvymIq

    Twitter: Calpain

    And have a video!