• BABSCon 2015 Announced With Exclusive Shirt!

    BABSCon was awesome and apparently the staff of BABS think so too as they are ready to announce 2015 and an exclusive shirt created by the talented LeekFish!

    Do you know what was is better than BABSCon? BABSCon 2015! That’s right folks we are gonna be back next year and dare I say we will be back bigger and better? To celebrate, we have LeekFish’s exclusive secret hidden BABSCon exclusive t-shirt design from WeLoveFine! Check it out at http://bit.ly/babsconshirt. But hurry it’s only available for a few days! For all the details on what we have in store for 2015 be sure to follow our twitter @babsconsf and our facebook while we are busy revamping the website.

    See you next year and till then pony hard!

    Twitter: Calpain