• Discussion: What are Looking Forward To / Worried About with the Rest of the Season?

    Oh Twilight... Every season seems to bring on some massive evolution for you.  You popped a brother out in season two, and soared upon wings of tiara filled drama in the third. It's only because the fandom cares though.  You are the best and most relate-able nerdypony.  What would we do without or princess of adorkableness?

    With the finale just a few weeks away, it's still pretty up in the air what exactly will happen.  If you have read the episode synopsis, you saw how vague they were.  If you haven't, then you get to go in pretty much as blind as us anyway!

    While a few pony fans exploded the last few finales, we still got loads of fun out of them.  Chrysalis is still one of the most popular villains in the show so far, and Celestia's Ballad still gives people goosebumps. 

    So, what are you looking forward to most as we come to the end of the fourth season of MLP? What do you want to see them pull off in the end?

    And on the other side of the fence, what are you worried most about? Hit the comments up with your thoughts!