• Story: The Great Equestrian Staring Contest

    [Slice of Life]

    Author: PegasusMesa
    Description: Applejack and Rainbow Dash have competed against each other for months in an attempt to claim the role of Ponyville's Iron Mare. However, try as they might, neither can grasp the elusive title, and the resulting arguments have achieved a new level of annoying. In a fit of desperate irritation, Twilight Sparkle decides that one last contest is in order to resolve the conflict once and for all.

    Can our heroes survive the deadly hurdles designed for them by their irate friend? Will either Rainbow or Applejack finally realize her dream of becoming the Iron Mare? And, most importantly of all, who is truly the best pony? Two of these three questions will be answered, in... The Great Equestrian Staring Contest!
    The Great Equestrian Staring Contest

    Additional Tags: No-holds-barred staring contest!