• Random Merch: Toddler Bed Set, Giant Chocolate Thing, Throw Blanket, and General Easter Stuff

    Toys R Us appears to be stocking those translucent figures finally.  After years of only haveing Rainbow Dash and Pinkie, it's about time these are hitting stores.  Thanks to Angela for the image!

    And we have loads of other random merch to go with it! Find it all below!

    Toddler Bed Set

    I can finally go to bed.

    Found at: K-Mart
    Image Credit: Blas

    Pony Chocolate Returns

    This one was from last year.  It returns once again!

    Found in: Canada, various stores with Easter stuff
    Image Credit: Dominique

    Throw Blanket

    Found at: Claires in Vancouver
    Image Credit: Ryan

    Easter Egg Decoring Kit

    Found at: Toys R' Us
    Image Credit: Framwinkle

    More Wigs!

    Just in case you wanted pink hair, or girlier hair if you are a guy.  Anything is possible these days!

    Found at: Hot Topic
    Image Credit: Dee

    Various Purses and Things

    Lots of stuff over at a website called Loungefly.  Find it here!

    Found at: Loungefly
    Image Credit: Richard

    Activity and Wall Scene Play Set

    Plaster your walls with even more pony! No one will judge you, I swear.  

    Found at: Costco
    Image Credit: Oli

    How to Draw Equestria Girls Book

    No Cover available yet, the pre-order is over here though.

    Found at: Barnes and Noble
    Image Credit: Jason

    Chinese Socks and Various Things

    Another site with loads of stuff, this time based in China.

    Found at: DK.com
    Image Credit:Richard