• Story: Cacophony


    Author: MyMetalPony
    Description: When the Manehattan Bash is attacked by a being that calls itself Cacophony, Thunder Growl is the only performer to escape being captured--because he was at the bar. He races back to the Bash just in time to have his flank handed to him by the unstoppable monster.
    With his bandmates missing, Thunder Growl must face demons both within and without to track down Cacophony, unravel the mystery of the creature's power and its hatred of all things musical and harmonious, and rescue the ponies it has captured.
    Luckily, he will not have to do it alone. Thunder's travels soon take him to Ponyville, where a certain group of friends are more than willing to lend their assistance... whether he wants it or not.

    Additional Tags: Monster puts end to music