• "Maud Pie": Episode Followup

    I could put a long introduction piece here, but I think I can sum up everything I need to say in three words:

    This episode rocks.

    I'm PRB, and this is likely to be the most pun-filled episode followup that has ever appeared on EQD.

    If Pinkie keeps tossing ponies like that, she'll be able to give Shining Armor a run for his money in no time.

    She couldn't even be bothered to wait for Rainbow Dash?  That's stone cold, Pinkie.

    Now, one thing we know about Pinkie Pie is that even minor events have the potential to get her really worked up.  In the same vein, small setbacks or disappointments get her very upset, as we've seen in "Party of One" and "Pinkie Pride", to name a few.

    In other words, she makes mountains out of molehills.  Or in this case out of rock candy.

    I wonder if Pinkie put something in that candy.  Rainbow Dash looks totally stoned.

    Plot twist: The graphite Pinkie used to draw this picture was taken from the very rocks the picture depicts.

    That moment when you realize you've just eaten several pounds of completely un-digestible material.

    Rainbow Dash: first contender for the best face award this week.
    We're only a few minutes into the episode, Dash.  Better come up with something better if you wanna hang on to first place.

    For once, Rarity wasn't thrilled with her own accessory.  I'm sure her Friendship is Witchcraft counterpart would have loved it, though.

    Obligatory scrunchy face.

    And that mysterious third sister that first appeared in the photograph in Pinkie Pride turns out to be the star of an episode just six weeks later.  It's strange; we always assumed Pinkie only had two sisters, just because they were the only ones pictured in the flashback back in season one.

    I guess you could say we took that fact for granite.

    One of my friends described this moment as, "And Rarity's mind just shatters."
    Looking at it, I can't think of any better way to put it.

    Eating rocks?  Maud has quite the apatite.

    What do you mean pet rocks went out of style in the '90s?

    "It's not Boulder!  It's a rock!  It's a big, beautiful, old rock!  Oh, the pioneers used to ride these babies for miles!"

    I think this is the first time Gummy has ever displayed an actual expression.
    Pinkie and her friends may be putting up with Maud, but the pets are 100% done with this schist.

    Rainbow Dash is sick of my rock puns already.
    Don't worry Rainbow.  I shale try to go easier on them from here on out.

    The total amount of time this season that Pinkie has worn that particular expression is getting pretty alarming.

    Pinkie Pie pulls into first place for this week's best face.

    Fun fact: the flower's full of spider neurotoxin.  Once that incapacitates you, the spider proceeds to feed.
    Fluttershy: "Nature is so fascinating!"

    Pictured: Poetry speaking to Twilight so deeply she can barely dare to comprehend it.
    Also pictured: Pinkie Pie being Pinkie Pie.

    I like to imagine Pinkie Pie has a checklist of every cartoon gag known to man, with a goal of performing each and every one before this series ends.  Now she can check "leave so quickly you leave a smoke outline of yourself" off that list.

    Alright Pinkie, I'm just going to give you this episode's best face trophy now, from a good, safe distance away.

    Unlike Bon-Bon, I think Maud might appreciate it if her cider had rocks in it.

    Gneiss throw, Rainbow!

    When Maud plays, she plays for all the marble.

    Does the Wet Mane principle from Season two continue to hold true?  Do wet manes really make ponies more attractive?

    Judging by her face, Rainbow Dash certainly seems to think so.
    Also pictured: Pinkie Pie being Pinkie Pie.

    Pinkie's hair didn't go totally flat here, but it still clearly deflated.  Given the face she was making at this particular moment, I admit I started to wonder if depression always coincides with some degree of mental degeneration in this pony.  Given the dangerous consequences of her plan later in the episode, there might just be some truth to that.

    My Little Pony!  Bringing you psychological trauma since 2010!

    Oh good, I don't even need to make a rock pun here.  Rainbow Dash made it for me.

    Complete a dangerous obstacle course, or face the consequences of not complying with Pinkie's wishes.
    Talk about being between a rock and a hard place!

    "Hey there, big boy.  How about you and me head back to the department store and..."

    Shiny things!
    Pinkie's caricature interpretation of her friends here was another testament to her less-than-normal state of mind at this point.

    "Got any threes?"
    "Pinkie, we're playing poker."
    "I don't have any pokers! Go fish!"

    Pinkie Pie proves that not everyone can conquer the Aggro Crag.

    Okay, okay, let's stop for a second and look back at this episode so far.
    Maud Pie can eat rocks, has the strength to throw them fast and hard enough to cause explosions and shockwaves, and now she has the ability to pummel boulders into dust in a matter of seconds.

    Before yesterday, if you'd suggested a rock-themed superhero, I would have laughed at you.  Now I'm not so sure that's a bad idea.

    Wondering what Maud's Cutie Mark was?  Turns out we got to see it for a moment during this scene.

    In a shocking turn of events, it's a rock.

    Creating a character like Maud has an interesting side effect of making the rare emotional moment really powerful.  I'd like to be serious for a moment and point out here that it was not Pinkie who hugged Maud for saving her life.  It was Maud who hugged Pinkie, and seeing that bit of sentimentality surface in a character like her resonated more strongly than I expected it to.

    "Boulder says 'this season has a lot of butts.'  What do you suppose that means?"

    And so, the Mane Six found what they had in common with Maud.  Maybe they can start with a clean slate now.

    Party rock is in the house tonight.

    This train station looks like something out of the Flintstones.

    As a final testament to Maud's strength, we have these necklaces.  Let me point out that Rainbow Dash's is scratching the stone floor as she struggles to carry it, but Maud doesn't even flinch as it gets placed around her neck, even with the weight of the other necklaces.  She's solid as a rock!

    Maud looks "content" here.  It didn't occur to me until re-watching the episode just how significant that is.
    This is the only smile that crosses her face in the whole episode, breaking the stone-faced expression we were starting to become convinced was permanent.  Subtle as it is, I see a sisterly bond here that's stronger than diamond.

    Well, I think I've effectively beaten this episode into gravel.  Let's just chalk it up to all the rock puns.
    See you all next time!