• Discussion: Choose One Pony for a Series Involving Her Travels around Earth

    With the secret re-opening of Starswirl's portal happening deep within the caves behind Canterlot, a new research mission has been commissioned by the Royal Society of Explorers. For those of you that haven't been following the comic, this one allows you to travel to other worlds while remaining a pony.  Unfortunately due to a limit on the energy available at the moment while Twilight figures out how the thing fully works, only one pony will be able to pass through and return safely.  

    As an ambassador who has been contacted via a cross-dimension communication spell, you have been picked to choose which pony it will be out of these five:  Rarity, Twilight, Lyra, Trixie, or Celestia.  Why only those? Because it requires a horn to help channel, and they just happened to be doing various things at the castle when Celestia cracked the portal code!

    This pony will then be hired on by Hasbro to do a reality TV Series over the summer exploring earth while we wait for new episodes! Which one would you like to see discover the secrets of humanland most?  As a reminder, unlike Equestria Girls, they will remain cartoon ponies. Choose wisely! Hit the comments up with your pick, and a brief idea on how you think they will react to the various wonders of our world.