• Canterlot Nights CCG Expansion - Expect it on May 16th!

    Good news for the swarms of you playing the MLP CCG! The official release date has been announced for Canterlot Nights.  On May 16th, you will gain access to an extra 200 cards and both Celestia and Luna as brand new main character ponies (previously announced).  Some extra information in regards to those two was also included in the release:

    Celestia Theme Deck
    Main Color: Yellow, paired with Rarity (White)

    Luna Theme Deck
    Main Color: Purple, paired with Rainbow Dash (Blue)

    On top of that, expect both Chrysalis and DJ-Pon3 to make their debut appearances, along with a new gameplay mechanic called "Pumped".  There wasn't any extra information given on that one, but I'm sure we will see it soon. 

    Expect loads of pre-release events on the 9th-11th of May across 100 stores throughout North America.  Prices for the theme decks will be clocking in at $11, with the usual boosters going for $3.50. 

    Head on down below the break if you want a copy of the full press release!

    Enterplay Sets May 16 Launch for MLP: CCG Canterlot Nights

    The first expansion of MLP: CCG will go on sale May 16. According to Enterplay, MLP: CCG Canterlot Nights will add over 200 cards to the game, including two new Mane Character ponies, Princess Luna and Princess Celestia.  Theme decks for the release will each include two special foil Mane Character cards, representing the two game play colors featured in that deck: Luna (Purple) pairs with Rainbow Dash (Blue), and Celestia (Yellow) is combined with Rarity (White).  

    Enterplay has set the weekend of May 9-11th for pre-release events, and will expand store participation to approximately 100 locations in North America.  "We're excited to work with our distributors to select premiere locations for pre-release events" says Dean Irwin, President of Enterplay,  "and we look forward to expanding our launch program as well."  Enterplay will also continue to support in-store play with monthly organized play kits featuring exclusive foil cards for participation and prizing.  Announcements on sanctioned tournaments and player rankings are promised soon.

    MLP: CCG Canterlot Nights has plenty of new features for players - Fan favorites like DJPon3 and Queen Chrysalis make their first appearances, and Mane Characters can now be found as Uncommon cards in packs, and new game play elements such as "Pumped" add excitement to game play. Canterlot Nights is priced at msrp $10.99 for 59-card theme decks, and $3.49 for 12-card booster packs.