• Random Merch: Mugs, Towels, Sweetie Belle Sandals, and More!

    Rainbow Power is hitting more than just the toy line it looks like.  This mug is yet another usage of the brand name.  Thanks to Mr. Disco for the image!

    Quite a bit of random merch has been trickling in lately! Head on down below the break for all of it.

    Towels, so many Towels

    All found over here on a Brazilian website.  No telling when they will be heading elsewhere. Thanks to Daieny for the heads up!

    Camera Set

    Also Brazil!

    Sweetie Belle Sandals

    Found at Walgreens by Midnight Sonnet

    Rain Gear

    Found at a Target outside Detroit by Blas!

    Celestia Beach Towel

    Some are saying this one was located at Target!

    Golden Egg Chocolate

    Found in the UK! No store given.  Thanks to @FluttershyFIM  for the image.

    Area Rug

    Found at Target.  No floor is safe!