• Mixed Analysis Media: Animatic - Do you Wanna Do a Collab? / Voice of Reason - FiW / Reviewing: Day of the Doctor

    We have something a bit different coming out of the analysis community in that first one.  Apparently these guys have to deal with a boatload of requests for collabs every day, so why not animatic about it with a Frozen parody? Find that in the first slot!

    And in slot number two, we have a Friendship is Withcraft semi-analysis, because everything needs to be analyzed at least once right? It's pretty ranty, but there is a ton of... whatever that analysis animation style is called.  What is that called anyway? Slideshow animation? Not a clue! It's cool though!

    And just for the hell of it, remember that collab thing? Well a whole bunch of these guys got togeather and talked about Day of the Doctor, with ponies. Find that in the final slot, since it's not completely pony related. Now go!