• My Little Pony CCG: C-C-C-Combo Maker!

    One of the best parts of playing CCGs is being able to mash two cards together to get more bang for your buck, to be able to say, "I play this, then I play THIS, and together they form Voltron! And now you lose." So let's take a look at some of the awesome card combos you can pull off in My Little Pony CCG!

    Let's start with one available right out of the starter decks: the Rarity Mane Character card and Timberwolf. With Rarity at a Problem your opponent will have to pay an extra action token each time they move a character to the Problem. With Timberwolf at the same Problem your opponent has to pay TWO extra action tokens to play Friends there. You've put the Problem on lockdown! If you're evil you could thrown in an Octavia and make it even worse...

    Downright Dangerous can only dismiss an opponent's Friend if the Friend is reduced to 0 or less power. That means a Friend with 3 power will make it through the turn just fine... unless afterward you play Here's Your Invitation on that Friend, who has temporarily been reduced to 1 power, dismissing them from play!

    This Way, Little Ones lets you move a Critter to the Problem for free as soon as it enters play. If you have a Falcon then he's the obvious choice, since you move him there, then get to take along ANOTHER Critter for free! And if that Critter is a Blue Jay then you've already met the Yellow requirement on the Problem, all for free.

    Yellow Parasprites make your opponent discard cards at random, but in the mid-to-late-game their use dwindles: you're giving your opponent a free point and potentially activating their "when you win a faceoff" card text. Coco Crusoe (Coco Pommel's long lost cousin?) makes Yellow Parasprite worth it at any time during the game, since your opponent will discard at LEAST 3 cards before they can remove the yellow pest from play.

    If you play A Vision of the Future at the beginning of a faceoff you put it on top of your deck, meaning it will be the card you flip for the faceoff. Flipping a 5 power card during a faceoff often spells victory, and better yet you can use Twilight's card text to put A Vision of the Future right back into your hand. AND, since you probably won the faceoff, you'll activate Twilight's Studious keyword, giving you a free action token and making Vision an essentially free card!

    There are a few ways to pull this off, but just look at how excited Silver Spanner is about Resource cards!

    When you win a faceoff with Heart's Desire in play, you dismiss it to get 4 action tokens. However, if you have Silver Spanner in play, you can dismiss her to bring Heart's Desire back into play immediately. So if you won a Problem faceoff with Silver Spanner and she's about to go home, instead of spending 2 action tokens next turn to move her back to a Problem, you can choose to use her card text to get your Heart's Desire back instead!

    ... You win! Congrats!

    That's it for me today! This post was just the tip of the iceberg for fun stuff you can pull off, so why don't you share some of your favorite card combos in the comments below?