• Discussion: What keeps you Coming Back to the Pony Fandom?

    With season 4 in full swing, the pony world is looking incredibly busy once again.  From an EQD standpoint, things started off a little sluggish after the Princess Twilight two-parter hype died down, but this last month has brought us back to an era we haven't seen since the great explosion of season two. 

    The ponynet has many things that keep us interested between episodes, from meetups and fan content to the official comic series.  Our massive community is what keeps the "brony" phenomenon alive when Hasbro surprises us with nine months of no episodes. 

    So what portion of the world of pony do you take part in the most? Are you one of those that comes on for a fan animation or two then disappears until the next episode? Or do you obsessively follow every single piece of fan produced material you can get your hands on?

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