• Big Apple Ponycon 2014 launches new website with ticketing and Bonnie Zacherle

    With conventions taking place all over the world we can't forget the Big Apple! Big Apple PonyCon has recently revamped their website to prepare for the big event this year with ticketing now available as well as announce the attendance of the Mother of Pony herself, Bonnie Zacherle.

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     New York's My Little Pony convention BIG APPLE PONYCON just launched its new website for the 2014 event with details about the convention and ticketing along with the most complete
    online bio of special guest, My Little Pony original illustration creator, Bonnie Zacherle.

    About Bonnie Zacherle

    Big Apple Ponycon 2014 is the first all generation convention in New York and the first to welcome Bonnie Zacherle and personally thank her for her role My Little Pony. Bonnie Zacherle's contribution to the My Little Pony universe was creating the first toy designs for MLP that would eventually grow to become a phenomenon lasting over thirty years and bringing joy to multiple generations. Her toy designs have also inspired work for other people such as designers, television animators, producers and voice talent. My Little Pony has evolved over several incarnations and now reaches girls and boys of all ages. With the evolution of the Brony community the world seems to have finally caught up with her original gender inclusive concept from the very first toy design.

    Bonnie Zacherle full biography:

    About BigApplePonycon.com

    The new website provides long awaited details about guests and events at the convention as well as special activities leading up to the June event including asking fans to contribute art of the convention's mascots.

    Original artwork were created by Big Apple Ponycon's own team of talented artists who will continue to contribute new artwork over the next several months to accompany announcements and as convention programming continues to evolve. Much of the original art, made up of every generation of MLP characters has been added to real life photos taken around New York City placing the characters in the subway, street scenes and around famous landmarks.

    In a departure from typical convention early sales ticket prices have started on the site with a special lower rate to encourage ordering early. Ticket price will increase as the show grows near and the event fills up. Convention organizer Karen Wills say's "Our convention is being held in a historic theater with a limit on how many people can attend so we will break the mold of previous conventions and offer a special rate to those who buy early."

    This convention is a much more intimate setting for programming than the typical big beige box convention, where a fan may miss out on seeing their favorite guest up close because of huge crowds.

    Big Apple Ponycon 2014 website: http:/www.bigappleponycon.com