• Discussion: How Have your Views on Equestria Changed Over Time? Would You Move there Permanently?

    Remember this image? That was a a loong time ago.  Back in the day, we were pretty limited on Equestrian lore.  Outside of the Everfree Forest and it's evil denizens within, ponyland seemed pretty damn perfect.  Ponies controlled the weather, Pinkie Pie lived on sugar, and Applejack had too many apples to buck.  Everyone seemed to be perfectly happy with one another. 

    Fast forward 4 seasons later, and the world has largely been fleshed out.  Our flawless little utopia has plenty of greed, famine, and even a bit of conflict between races. It's starting to look a lot more similar to earth than we thought, aside from the cartoony anime eye ponies.  It kinda makes you wonder how you would fit in if that age old pony fan dream of visiting said world actually happened.

    So, over time, have your views on Equestria changed at all? If The Great and Powerful Trixie appeared in your room one day and offered you a one way single ticket to ponyland without any chance at coming back, would you take it?