• Civilization V - Pony Mod Extradordinaire

    Oh glorious Civilization V... many a night I have spent chugging away until 8 A.M. desperately trying to finish Alexander off while completely losing track of time.  I'm sure I'm not the only one who has fallen prey to it's incredibly addicting wiles.  "Just one more turn!" or "I'll go to bed after I finish this wonder! I gotta know if I'm going to beat Egypt on it!" is a common occurrence. 

    Many years ago we posted a mod or two, but over the years a ton of new ones have popped up. Time to do some catch up! I threw the Trixie above up over on the Equestria Daily Facebook page, and a ton of people wanted to know where to get it.  Why not add her and a ton of others?

    Anyway, head on down below for a bunch of mods! Time to dominate the world with PONY.

     First off, lets get this game properly ponified. 

    The "ponification" mod is what you want.  Pretty much every splash screen, a majority of technologies, and tons of units are going to gain pony artwork instead of the usual icons.  It's a bit jarring at first if you are a big civilization buff, but seeing Applejack pop up and advise you on economics is always fun.  Go get that one over here

    On to the races, starting with Celestia. She is the only one in this list with actual voicework, hitting everything from greetings to refusal on unfair trades.   If you are aiming for a cultural victory, this is probably the way to do it with her 15% bonus to Great People per declaration of friendship and +1 culture/faith for each friendly City State.  If someone does manage to declare war on you, the fighter has been replaced with the Wonderbolt, which requires horses instead of oil to build.  The factory has been replaced in favor of growth instead of production with the weather factory, so expect some semi-big cities.  

    I actually took her over pretty early for trying to convert my cities to whatever religion she follows, so I have no idea how she reacts when shes not down to a single city.  The entire world absolutely hated it, aside from Luna.

    Get her over here, for both Gods and Kings and Brave new World.

    Moonbutt is one of the oldest race mods. Her abilities focus primarily on Naval, with a whopping +2 movement.  If you use fishing boats, you also get +1 food

    Her building is the Watchtower observatory, which is basically an observatory that doesn't require a mountain, but receives 50% less science.

    And finally, she upgrades tanks with hover tanks that ignore terrain disadvantages.  I guess low gravity is the thing here?  Expect ridiculously easy late game victories, though protect them, as they are more expensive. 

    Luna was friendly with me even after completely dominating both Discord and Celestia and taking their everything.  I guess she's cool with the warlike races? 

    Get some Luna action over here.

    Trixie is another silent leader unfortunately, but her playstyle is very... Trixie.  Your goal is to essentially take over the world and force everyone to love you.  With a 20% combat bonus Vs. anyone that is ahead of you techwise, it's alright to fall a bit behind.  That's essentially an era cushion between units.  She does actually take a pretty big hit when conqurering quickly though due to a 20% increase in unhappiness from number of cities, but her racial building the "Spire of Submission" counteracts this somewhat via a +1 happiness bonus when built. 

    Her special units are the Trixie Troops, which are shock troopers that come with Blitz and replace riflemen.

    Against Trixie, she doesn't seem to do a whole lot.  From posting her on Facebook though, it sounds like she builds up and backstabs late game.  

    Find her over here!

    Similiar to Celestia, Twilight is pretty much the opposite of what you want to go with for a war victory.  She works well for science or diplomatic though. 

    +30% golden age length
    +50% City-State Friendship modifier

    +10% Unit Maintenance cost

    Her building is the golden oaks library, which gives +2 science and +1 cultuer when near gems, gold, or silver.  This replaces the library. 

    And unit-wise, her background pony is basically a stronger horseman that doesn't require horses.  That's actually pretty powerful if you play a slower mode. 

    Against Twilight, she tends to rush wonders.  So many wonders.  She beat me to tons of them.  She also hates war.  The second I took Discord's capital she was all over me. 

    Get Twi over here.

    Discord is another City State/Culture guy.  I'm not too sure where they came to that conclusion.  His bonus gives +2 culture per city and City State's are more friendly. 

    His unit is probably the most unique aspect.  Ironclads are no longer naval units, but super early tanks.  The building helps his culture out once again, with +3 culture, a GA slot, and 1%(?) Great artist production.  That honestly sounds pretty low, but replacing the amphitheater with something much more beefy is always good.

    Discord was another one that I had to take out pretty early.  He was on my island! 

    Find Discord here.

    Like Trixie, Chrysalis is another interesting one.  Controlling someone's capital after they have been completely wiped out gives you +2 extra spies and all of their world congress delegates.  You can pretty much pass anything you want at that point. 

    Great generals are replaced with infiltrators which provide a 50% bonus to city damage when they are next to any units that happen to be attacking one, and the courthouse is replaced with House of Love, providing a +2 global happiness bonus. 

    Basically take over the world if you are playing Chrysalis.  Changelings need their love.  Get her over here.

    There are quite a few other race mods available on the steam workshop, and probably more out in the wild.  Pick and choose the cool ones, the full list is over here