• Random Merch: Valentines, Discord Card Box, Jumbo Crayons, and More!

    The Discord box is now available out in the wild. If you aren't able to find it, Hot Topic has it on their website. Thanks to Derpy for the heads up!

    And get boatloads more below the break. 

    Poster Art Set

    Another huge art kit, including poster painting, mini art, and colored pencil case! This one was found at Poundland in the UK by Rory for a buck. Not bad!

    Pony Valentines

    Another set, found at Kmart this time. Thanks to Britney for the heads up.

    Mysterious Hourglass in Derpy's Eyes

    This is from the dog tag set Enterplay released. I wonder what it means? It's Doctor Whooves/Colgates mark.

    Jumbo Crayons

    Found at Micheals by Julia

    Giant Coloring and Activity Book

    Another giant coloring book has appeared.  This one found at Fred Meyer in Idaho by Framwinkle!

    Tower Puzzle

    24 Pieces?! Weak!  Found at Kohls!

    Pony Slippers

    Found by Puffy at a store called Rimi in Latvia! No country is safe.

    Target's Valentines

    And finally, some more valentines, these found at Target by Brooklyn.