• Convention Page Being Redone for 2014 - Send Your Conventions!

    With 2014 now in full swing, it's time to get the convention side of EQD ready to go for the season. Our old convention page is only updated to the early part of the year, so I'll be scrapping that and making a completely new one.

    For all you convention organizers out there, head on down below the break for information on how to submit your conventions for our convention page/post in a few days here. I'm going to give it about a week before the post goes up, and that will be the only time it is on the front page before being converted into a button, so send them in quick!

    Everyone else, just go blabber about conventions in the comments. Sorry this post is a bit limited in who it's reaching!

    Greetings convention organizers! Here is what I need from you.  If you are not running the convention, or working on said convention's staff as someone who communicates with media as a title, we cannot take it.  Only official @[domain name] emails will be recognized (PR@superawesomeponycon.com for example).

    • Name of the convention
    • Link to the convention page
    • Date of the convention in this format: October 21, 2014 - October 24, 2014
    • Location in this format: City, State or City, Country (in the case of non USA cons)
    • One solid paragraph of information, 150 words MAX
    • One 700x250 banner representing your convention
    Send all of this, unformatted to Submit@equestriadaily.com with the title CONVENTION.

    The post will be going up on Sunday, January 19th.  Get it in before then if you want that intitial burst!

    Late conventions will be added as they come in. 

    Example of what the final product will look like: 

    Date: February 1st - 2nd
    Location: Melbourne, Australia

    Get ready for PonyCon AU: Marebourne! Australia’s second pony convention and the followup to the extremely successful PonyCon AU. The 2014 convention will run over the first weekend of February, 2014. The PonyCon team also has a Pozible fundraiser (Australian Kickstarter) currently running, Which has acquired enough to fly Andrea Libman down to Australia, and we're currently gathering funds for Peter New. Once here, they'll participate panels and signings for the fans among other great events. So come visit us Down Under next year Feburary 1st and 2nd at the Arrow on Swanston, for the best Australia has to offer!