• A Bit of History and Hype from Daniel Ingram on Upcoming Pinkie's Pride Episode

    Daniel Ingram has posted something up on his Facebook page giving a bit of extra information on Pinkie Pride.  Head on over here to check it out, or get the quote below!

    Thanks to... Twilight Sparkle for the heads up!  You guys have the most original names. 

    And the quote:  
    Last year I got the news from Hasbro that none other than Weird Al Yankovic, one of my childhood musical idols, would be guest starring on My Little Pony, and.....*drum roll*... It would be a MUSICAL! After the initial panic attack ("I'm not worthy!!") I got to work on what turned out to be some of the funnest, craziest, and sweetest songs of the series so far. Next came the trip to L.A. to record with the man himself and it did not disappoint. I won't say much more at this point, except to hang onto your hats and watch the historic episode in 2.5 weeks time! Are you ready?!