• Winter Update Releases for MLP Mobile Game

    The Official MLP game on iOS and Android is slowly working it's winter update.  From the official iTunes page, the following is announced with version 1.7:

    - Now you can invite your friends to dance with you! Earn extra points each time you play together.
    - 2 new songs & locations: Get more Equestria Girls music and dance locations with "The Cafeteria Song" in the cafeteria and "Time to Come Together" in the library.
    - Unlock 3 exclusive new ponies: Conductor, Lightning Dust, and Professor.

    - The holidays are coming, and both Ponyville and Canterlot are covered in snow.
    - See your favorite main six ponies dressed up for Hearth's Warming Eve!
    - Plus: New ponies, shops, and holiday decorations will be available real soon!

    A much more detailed list and screenshots can be found below the break!  

     Thanks to Matt, RandomCPV, ajnrules, and everyone else for the heads up, images, and lists!

    Full list of changes:

    Cosmetic stuff
    Snow is back in both Ponyville and Canterlot!
    Derpy doesn't appear to be hiding in a box anymore
    The number of gifts you've received appears on the drop-down bar

    "New" decorations - same as last year
    Small Christmas Tree (4000 bits)
    Wreath (1200 bits)
    Candy Cane (500 bits)
    Snow pony (800 bits)
    Presents (2 gems)
    Snowflake sculpture (12000 bits)
    Big Christmas Tree (40 gems)

    Equestria Girls
    "Equestria Girls / Helping Twilight Win the Crown
    "Time to Come Together"
    They also have some new feature to connect with friends. I'm not sure how it works yet.