• Hearth's Warming Micro-Comic Giveaway Winners and Entrants: Day 2

    Up above is the runner-up, "A Crusader Christmas" by sgtgarand. I think it's super-adorbs, but it got pipped at the post by another entry.

    Join us after the break for the winners of the second day of the Hearth's Warming Microcomic Giveaway!

    The winner for the colouring in category this time was ponkool4. For those interested in the real story, I used the random number generator found at http://www.random.org/. Pretty nifty.

    The original picture, drawn from the prompt, was chosen by promising to actually feed the staff members that are still locked in the closet, once they'd given me a winner. That winner was drawn for the Day 1 prompt, but not submitted until yesterday. It's Derpy in the fridge by ABronyAccount!

    Winners will be contacted by a member of staff as soon as possible (or when we can tie Sethisto down long enough). A great big thanks to all entrants so far, and good luck for future days!

    Below we have all the entries, sorted by category. Three entries were not considered for the prize draw, one in each category. Previous winners in any category are not put into the running, and since I've allowed two entries per person, a second entry in the same category replaces the first.

    First up is the colouring category!

    A Holbrook

    18 Mare-tle Beach - Ponkool4

    This turned about better than I expected. The HWCG is giving me some good practice with image-editing. In case you're not from the East-coast of the USA, "Mare-tle" beach is a play off of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.
    28 George A.

    And next up are the drawings from the prompts!


    Napping Princess Celestia - Frith

    Day one submission window closed already! But fortunately day one is permitted here, so here we go: Another EqD art challenge! Huzzahj! Here's my day one try: Princess Celestia taking a nap. (Does she sleep, like ever?) Don't bother with the email addy, if you want to comment, go to frith.dreamwidth. OpenID and Anon comments work there. ^_^
    Tummy Ache - Rebecca Skinner

    I drew this for day 1's prompt, but couldn't submit it yesterday. I hope it's ok to submit it today :/ .
    Biggest Ever Snowball - Rebecca Skinner

    That's what Pinkie plans to make anyway. For day 2 of Equestria Daily's Hearth's Warming Comic Contest.
    Pinkie's Joke Book - Gabriela

    Sorry if a part is a little unreadable. Lead marks are really hard to get rid of if you write or draw too thickly...
    10 Vellum's Snowman - VGJustice

    Day 2 of the EqD Hearth's Warming Eve contest! Vellum has crafted a rather unusual snow-pony. So, yeah. Couple things here. I saw Frozen today, and loved it. Snow themed challenge for today? Yep, gotta draw me some Olaf. Also, I don't have crayons in the appropriate shades for Lyra back there, and my feeble attempts at blending just didn't quite do it. Ah well. Inked then colored with crayon.
    11 Shkle Snow Pegasus - MyBoyJ

    Here we have my OC, Shkle, doing shkler best to make a snow pegasus. Unfortunately, there seems to be something off about the finished product...
    12 Dodge That! - onagova

    Hope you guy accept beginner's work. This is a really good chance to improve my skill ><
    19 Winter fun - Stine

    Yes, Sweetie Belle is wearing a horn hat.
    21 Winter Run - Frith

    Eep! Already? No time to attempt colouring, code red! Go go go! What do ponies do for fun? They go for a trot in the snow! And if they trot through Whitetail Wood, perhaps a deer will join them. ^_^ If you notice my sketches, you can always drop me a line at frith.dreamwidth.org, anonymous commenting works and there's also OpenID. The email addy I use if bogus... it might exist, but I've never looked. Just drop me a line at frith.dreamwidth.org. ^_^
    25 Snowball War - Viviane

    I'm 12 years old and this is a comic I drew of a snowball fight between Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash. :)